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Game Reviews by Other ZTE Z221 Owners

8.6 - Zelda Justin from Placerville, El Dorado - January 11, 2013

Really fun. Love it. Sound is a little glitchy.

1.6 - Slots Me from This one - September 28, 2012

Your games suck cant see buttons dont work right and absolutely no graphics

6.6 - Zelda ? - August 4, 2012

Need help findin out how to pass the dragon level theres a blue square blocking the doorway im stuck at that level.

9.4 - Zelda William from Hamilton,usa - January 23, 2012

I played the game on netendo and all the holes where opened up and i was able to get all my weapons and hearts but now there is only two swords and half the holes are opened and i can't find but 5 hearts is there any cheats on this game or not thanks