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Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

Provided By: Theron Rogers
Category: Multimedia
Platform: Android Market
Downloads: 250,722

Rating: 4.7

Hide pictures and videos from your gallery with unlimited free concealment!

Keep your pictures and videos private with Vaulty. Do you have pictures or movies on your phone that you don't want your friends, coworkers or kids to see? Keep private media files protected from prying eyes. Hide them with Vaulty Free!

Read the “How to Use Vaulty” section below for instructions.

If you want even more privacy, upgrade to our "Hide Pictures in Stocks App." With Vaulty Pro your hidden pictures and videos will be hidden under a fake stocks app and no one will ever know. It works just like a real stocks app unless you enter the correct password. Other features include: no ads, image and video sharing, image rotate, and slideshow.

Vaulty is easy to use! Get started hiding your media files with either of these two methods:

Within Vaulty
1. Open Vaulty
2. Tap the “Select Media To Hide” button at the bottom of the screen
3. To hide a single image or video, press and hold until a menu pops up, then select the “Hide” option; or, tap the image to view and press the “Hide” button that appears at the top
4. To hide multiple files at a time, select the check mark at the top of the screen in the gallery view to enter multi-select mode. Tap each desired item to mark for vaulting, or tap the “Select All” button at the bottom to select all items. Tap the “Hide” button to hide all selected items. You can use the back button or tap the check mark again to exit multi-select mode
5. Press the “View Hidden Media” button at the bottom to view all vaulted media

Within Your Gallery
1. Open your gallery
2. Open the images and videos you want to hide
3. Select the “Share” option
4. Select Vaulty from the list
5. Wait for Vaulty to finish importing and concealing your media

1. Tap the gear/cog-shaped icon at the top right side of the screen
2. Adjust settings as desired

Change Image Viewing Mode
1. At the top left of the screen, tap the icons for “grid” and “list” view to switch between the two viewing modes

Q – What if I forget my password?
A – Simply set a security question, either when prompted in start-up, or later under “Options.” If you ever need to use the security question, tap and hold the Vaulty background image and a window will appear asking for your answer. Your previous password will reset and you will need to enter in a new one.
Q - I unvaulted some media and it isn't showing up in the gallery yet. Where are they?
A - Your gallery is refreshing. You have to give it enough time to find all the media you unvaulted and add it back to the gallery.
Q - Why does Vaulty need Internet permissions?
A - The Internet permissions are only used to show ads. Including ads in Vaulty allows it to be free and unlimited. If you like Vaulty but don't want the ads, try the paid version. It's called "Hide Pictures in Stocks App" and also includes a few other improvements such as no adds and the ability to rotate hidden images. You can find it by selecting "View more applications" below. Because the paid version of Vaulty doesn't show ads, it doesn't request the Internet permission.
Q - Can anyone else see my pictures or videos?
A - No. They are only stored on your phone's SD card and are never uploaded or saved anywhere else.
Q - If I change phones can I just install Vaulty again and access my images and videos?
A - As long as you use the same SD card or copy the contents of your old SD card to your new one.

By installing and using this application you agree to the terms at http://vaulty.theronrogers.com/help/end-user-licence-agreement/

Beware the imitators!
PhotoVault, VideoVault, Photo Safe, Gallery Lock Lite, Privacy Gallery, File Cover, HideNSeek, Stealth Gallery, Kii Vault

Recent changes:
Password recovery security question feature
Small interface improvements for clarity
Safer file handling and importing
Switched from bytes to number of files on progress dialogs
Version name on login screen
Version name in options
Progress dialog when hiding from gallery
Fixed a bug that caused some FCs
Not attempt to import from Picasa or other services where file isn't accessible
Fix stuck progress on delete

Content rating: Everyone

Android User Reviews of Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

5 - June 21, 2011 - diane
I like it

5 - June 21, 2011 - Jennifer
Works great!

5 - June 21, 2011 - Danny
PERFECT in my line of Business as a Photographer!

5 - June 21, 2011 - Bailey
I updated and it force closes now. I cnt get any of my pictures back out. Great.

3 - June 21, 2011 - Janine
Its pretty good, but I just started using it but it keeps my naughty pics only visible to me...which is great!

5 - June 21, 2011 - vikki
Great until it didnt like my password. Now i cant see the pics.

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