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Star Defence

Provided By: Inlogic Software
Category: Action, Trivia, Strategy, Adventure
Platform: Java
Downloads: 90,113

It is the year 2107. The Earth has been disturbed by a war between the alliances WGi and DCa for decades. The long-standing war lead to an absolute lack of mineral resources on the Earth. The battles spread even to the space stations which provide supply of resources from neighbouring planets. So it is very important to protect them. As a commandant you have to protect the station NCX87 at any costs. Losing it, it would mean the end of the WGi!

Your task as a commandant is to defend space stations which provide supplies of resources from neighbouring planets. Use 2, 4, 6, 8 for selecting a location where you want to construct a building. Press 5 for seeing the menu. For selecting a builiding use 4 and 6. For building, press repeatedly 5. You can buy new production technologies, each time you have successfully warded an enemy attack off. Use 2 and 8 to select the type of order. Press 6 and 4 for increasing or decreasing number of orders. For confirming an order, press 5. You can send your score and compare it with other players on the web site www.playonway.com. The score can be sent by pressing the appropriate function button on the screen Top Score. For sending score it is obvious for each player to put his own password and the system PlayOnWay will create a new account or will use already existing account of the player. If you press the button SYNCHRONIZE updated top score will be saved to your phone and your position will be shown in the Score Table. You can edit your player profile on the web site www.playonway.com. For logging use your name from the Score Table and password you used for sending your score.

User Reviews of Star Defence

9 - May 26, 2010 - Santosh from Durgapur india using Samsung SGH-L700

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