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Game Reviews by Other SonyEricsson W580i Owners

8 - SGN SportsCard Baseball Alex from Philippines - November 14, 2012


7.8 - Amazing Cowboy N.Velmurugan from India - August 21, 2012


9.6 - X-Ray Scanner Vinod from India - June 16, 2012

Very good

7.8 - X-Ray Scanner Mamal from Tehran Iran - February 23, 2012

8.2 - Farm Frenzy Sk.ABDUL MAJEED[simha] from tenali guntur /d.t - November 13, 2011

veri good/super

8 - Pizza Shop Mania Jade from England - November 11, 2011

This game is really fun

8.2 - Farm Frenzy Tasha from United kingdom - November 8, 2011

7 - X-Ray Scanner Ibraheem from Lagos,Nigeria - August 21, 2011

9 - KD Player Mohd from Kota kinabalu, sabah, malaysia - August 20, 2011

8.2 - IQ Vibration Lool from New York - August 17, 2011

6.6 - "Super Sexy Fun" Naresh from Bhopal.india - August 14, 2011

7.4 - World of Dragons Paris from 000 - August 12, 2011

5.8 - Easywords Nisha from Kanpur - August 11, 2011

9 - X-Ray Scanner Bryan from Honduras - June 26, 2011

10 - X-Ray Scanner Matias from Santiago - January 23, 2011

10 - Bubble Revolution silvinha from brasil - January 23, 2011

9.2 - Snake Revolution Logan from Sao Paulo - January 2, 2011

6.6 - World of Dragons Dany from Zrenjanim - November 19, 2010

8.6 - Holy Wars Mike from Uk - November 11, 2010

8.6 - Holy Wars Mike from Uk - November 11, 2010

9.8 - "Super Mario Planet" anish khanna from india chandigarh - September 1, 2010

very nice

9.8 - Bubble Drop Sams from India - August 30, 2010


8.4 - Orit Fox Solitaire Richard from Cowdenbeath,scotland - August 7, 2010

Very good

7.8 - Foice Sarabjit from Amritsar-india - August 6, 2010

Oohh it so nice i really njoy it & i advice to all use it

8.2 - Russian Mafia Ramesh from W.b india - July 3, 2010

6.4 - Sportbikes Unlimited Rajinihari from Kulithalai,india - May 17, 2010


7.4 - Sexy Pairs Gaurav from India - April 23, 2010


5.8 - Taxi! Amber from UK - April 17, 2010

Not my kind of game, but good!

7.4 - "Super Mario Planet" Amber from UK - April 17, 2010

Needs More levels

6.8 - "FishText" Nosa from Syria - April 10, 2010

7 - "FishText" Nosa from Syria - April 8, 2010

5.4 - Russian Mafia Srikanth from India - March 21, 2010


8.2 - TruckTycoon Erika from Red Oak, Texas, USA - March 14, 2010

awesome time killing game, 10 outta 10!

7.2 - Evil House Chanti from Ap,India - March 13, 2010

Its super game

7 - 3D Attack Chopper Ale from India - February 22, 2010

8.6 - Bomber Steven from England - February 19, 2010


8.6 - Midnight Riders Balu from Chennai-43 - February 17, 2010


7.6 - Battleground Rajnish from Delhi - January 28, 2010

6.8 - TheEntity Valdivia from Mindelo, cabo verde - January 2, 2010

Is a good game

8 - Evil House teylu from abancay - December 23, 2009

7.4 - Scientific Calculator Reinaldo from Indaiatuba, Brazil - December 8, 2009

numbers typed shown too small. W580i "C" key should be functioning like calculator "C" key.

8.4 - Halloween Candy Barbara from Manchester - November 30, 2009

Very good

7.2 - "Super Mario Planet" Joseph from New Jersey,USA - November 23, 2009

No sound during gameplay.

7.8 - Fire Worm Shankar from Pudukkottai,india - October 31, 2009


7.2 - Dawn Warrior Sheldon from Colorado - October 17, 2009

5.6 - Pyramide Lousanne from Ladysmith,b.c.Canada - October 3, 2009

9.4 - "Super Mario Planet" Ravi from India - September 23, 2009

7.2 - 5ud0ku Ravi from India - September 22, 2009

Give 9X9

9 - SMS Cocktail Nikhil k from Mumbai , india - August 30, 2009


7.8 - Life4Mobile Demo Rafael from Miami, Florida, North America - August 21, 2009

E-mail me a link to buy the full version

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Bk Out [trial]
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BlackJack [ads]
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BlackShark [free]
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Blocker [free]
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Bluff [ads]
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Bonze [free]
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