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Game Reviews by Other SonyEricsson K330 Owners

9.2 - Ultimate Fighter Nani from India - May 12, 2011

Very good game,i love it

8.8 - AllFours simon from romenia tr mures - October 14, 2009

9 - "Zelda" Zeank from Chile - December 28, 2008

This is a cellphone masterpiece. Works great on my SE K330. I've played lots of games for cellphones and this is definately the best. Can't wait for the full version.

This Zelda is in fact good enough to represent the Zelda saga for cellphones. I've played other Zeldas attempts and thay all sucked. but this one is a jewel.

Got the essence of the game and aplied it, awesome.
I hope in the full version, further dungeons may offer more difficult puzzles and enemies.

The thing that I think was not great is that it lacks story. Who are the guys in the caves? Where is Zelda? Who has kiddnaped her and where is the island with a volcano? (lol, there can't be a Zelda without those two things)