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Sky Burner 2 - Operation Garuda

Provided By: StudioIndependent
Category: Action, Arcade, Shooter
Platform: Java
Downloads: 9,535

Alien spaceships coming out from the black hole that scattered across Indonesian archipelago.
Their objective is to create a fortress and utilize the Indonesian outer islands before make an invasion
to the earth.

Time for the armed force and people to unite and repel the invasion.
Help Milla and friends to repel the invasion from our earth!

Get ready to face alien massive spaceships and follow each characters backgrounds and unique stories.
Choose characters and upgrade the 7 aircrafts that available to use! Feel the challenge of survival mode
and escorting the cargo plane. Are you ready to challenge the unique and different sensation from Sky
Burner 2 : Operation Garuda?

Download now and let's burn the sky!

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