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Sigmore Mines 2

Provided By: KTGames.net
Category: Strategy, Adventure
Platform: Java
Downloads: 148,370

Sigmore Mines 2 is a graphical roguelike for mobile phones. You are in control of hero descending into the dungeon to complete his quest. On your way will stand monsters with poisonous attacks, traps and hidden rooms. Along the way you will gain experience, became stronger and find new magical weapons.

Game Features
* Two levels of difficulty.
* Random generated dungeons.
* Village at which you can buy/sell or identify items, restore health.
* Gain experience and level up.
* Use magic such as fireball or frozenball.
* Find healing shrines and hidden rooms.
* Ability to save game in the village every time you are there!
* Town portal scrolls.
* Hidden rooms in the dungeon.
* Wear armours, melee and distance weapons.
* Use potions to poison your weapon.
* Game system with stats as : Strength, Swiftness, Dexterity, Ingenuity, Magic, Vitality.
* Touchscreen support.
* And More.

User Reviews of Sigmore Mines 2

6.6 - January 18, 2013 - HL7497 from Marion,U.S.A. using Samsung SCH-R375
An amazing game just a few more things should have been implemented...such as more detailed inventory...ability to save anywhere...and other minor details....GREAT GAME REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!

9.8 - December 14, 2011 - Bethel from Stevenage using Samsung GT-S3350

6.8 - May 27, 2011 - Junior from India using Samsung GT-B3410
This game is one fun way to kill time

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