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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SPH-M500 Owners

8 - Opera Mini Symone from NC. America - April 5, 2010

SO AMAZINGLY THE SAME AS THE PC INTERNET AND CLEARER THAN OTHERZ!!I can'n tell you how awesome it iz .....Oh yeah just did lol lol

8.6 - SGN SportsCard Baseball jay from joliet, usa - May 28, 2008

7.8 - M-Shift psiberman from Tampa, Fl, USA - January 30, 2008

It disturbs me greatly to admit this, and be that as it may, my "review" of July last year was so totally wrong. discovering the point to this challenging puzzle was actually half the fun. I didn't understand the references to the game that inspired it. My ignorance was showing, and I didn't like it showing. This game has grown on me and hardly a day goes by when I'm not playing it for a little while, at least. It is stimulating and challenging on many levels. It probably stretches my tired old brain. I apologize to the author and really regret my premature and unflattering words. Goes to show me that if I take the time to understand something, I might find that I like it. Maybe others will as well.

6.4 - BlockAway Greg from Tampa USA - January 5, 2008

There should be, it seems, a save/restore feature, if for no other reason than to recover from an accidental hit of the END key. This, alone clobbers Any high marks in features and play. Also, a quick escape from a cutesey Logo that displays too long on its own would be nice. The point is to play the game and not just admire someone's idea of artwork. Aside from that, it's fun to play and seems to work well when you get into it, Be careful! Addiction factor is high at 6.5 of ten!! Fix these few problems and BLOCK AWAY would score a nine-Plus instead of a low Seven.

8.6 - Azi's Turbo Worm pSiberman from Florida, USA - December 16, 2007

I could wish for a high score reset function... Other than that, WOWza...! What fun! Is there anything else I need to do with my life?!?

7.2 - BlockAway Psypherman from Florida, USA - December 15, 2007

about the only 'krappy' Thing about this game is how there is NO ESCAPE from watching the krappy games Logo when starting up.

9 - "Zelda (beta 2)" patrick curtis from tulsa,ok - October 19, 2007

6.8 - Village Defender nick from vernon canada - September 29, 2007

Best mobile game so far -keep up the good work

5.4 - Dope Wars ZX jones9166 from wisconsin - June 27, 2007

no sound or graphics

9 - "Zelda (beta 2)" Alex S. from Greenville, SC, USA - May 16, 2007

Great Game!!!