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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SGH-U700 Owners

8.8 - Bad Girls alex from as - May 15, 2012

nice wow

9.8 - SGN Sports Skiing master from Kirn- Sulzbach - November 20, 2011

9.2 - Art Of War 2 - Confederation Manduk from Ulaanbaatar - August 13, 2010

9.2 - "3D Alpha Zone" Rein from Albania shkoder - March 4, 2010

wanderful game

7.8 - Future War adann from pakistan - February 5, 2010

9.2 - BlockGame yasar from sialkot pakistan - January 18, 2010

6.2 - "Solitaire" Elize from SA - October 28, 2009

5 - Drop Off Max from Deutschland - August 7, 2009


8 - 5ud0ku Mina from Tehran,Iran - August 3, 2009

I realy enjoyed it...

8 - Entreat Golden Eggs Jaco from Sasolburg - March 26, 2009

8.8 - V-Clinic Mobile John from USA - January 26, 2009

Great program to get for free. I signed up for the full account so that I can back up my data online and set my own diet plans - my personal trainer is helping me - it's just €1 - you can get a much better feel for your progress and isolate the foods that are doing damage.

8.4 - 3D Tic-Tac-Toe karen from philippines - December 2, 2008

7 - Easywords James from Nairobi, kenya - November 29, 2008

9.8 - SMS Cocktail Zianda from Mthatha south africa - October 20, 2008

9.2 - 5ud0ku Suzanne from South africa - July 31, 2008

It is great

7.4 - gdJokes - pack#1 gray from philippines - July 16, 2008

very funny

6.6 - FightClub Azeem from Jeddah, saudi arabia - July 5, 2008

8.4 - PoliceStory Dino from Plav - July 2, 2008

9.2 - Par 72 Golf Ramon - June 30, 2008

8.2 - Attack Brain Ana from Beograd - June 14, 2008

6 - V-Clinic Mobile Sandra from Germany - May 6, 2008

9.6 - Condetsoft Pool Rex from Pretoria South africa - April 7, 2008

7.2 - "Aces Of 1916" tolos from Cyprus,Lemmesol - March 5, 2008

7.6 - Easywords Cop from Sa - January 18, 2008

8 - "Hearts" Hisham from Egypt - January 11, 2008


10 - "Ancient Ruins 1" okaoni from Baku,Azerbaijan - November 14, 2007

5.8 - Dope Wars ZX Lynette from South africa - October 30, 2007

Fun,addictive game, would be better if it didn't freeze all the time though.

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Shark or Die [free]
Shoot It Load It [ads]
ShootTheBottle [free]
Shoot The Dart [free]
Shoot The UFO [free]
ShoppingMadness [ads]
ShowTime BasketBall [ads]
Sideralis [free]
Sigmore Mines [trial]
Sigmore Mines 2 [trial]
SimEtris [free]
Simon [free]
Sinfah's Lair [free]
Sk8 Krazy [ads]
SkyCorsairs [trial]
Sky Force [ads]
Slam Dunk Pro [ads]
Slitherlink [ads]
SlotMachine [ads]
Slots [ads]
Smart Thief [ads]
SmiLines Winter Season [trial]
SMSTrainer [free]
Snake Evolution [free]
Snake Revolution [ads]
Sniper Shot [ads]
Soap-Bubble Minesweeper [beta]
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Stolen in 60 sec [trial]
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Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks [ads]
Su-30 [trial]
Subcultures Fight [free]
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Su-Do-Ku [trial]
Sudoku [free]
Sudoku [ads]
Sudoku [ads]
Sudoku_With_DrDimsum [free]
SuDoku World Cup [ads]
Summer Games 2008 [trial]
Sun Valley [trial]
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SuperKake [ads]
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