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8 - Zelda Isaac from Conway, U.S. - August 7, 2011

Fun game up until the end, but it's impossible to beat Ganon. No matter how much you knock his little ball into him, he will not die.

8.2 - Klondike BRAD from KANSAS CITY, MO, USA - February 4, 2010


8.8 - IQ Barking Phone MIKE from USA - November 4, 2009


6.4 - Easywords KATIE from USA - September 28, 2009


6.2 - "Bomber" Rob't from Chicago,USA - April 30, 2009

mAKES yOU THINK, LIKE WHERES THE critter gonna go next and also time your moves....
is it supposed to have any sound????

9.8 - "Zelda (beta 2)" Rob't from Chicago,USA - April 30, 2009

first REAL game that actually works on my SGH-t539
sound is hilarious ( funky song)
features : not there yet, but looks great!!!
FUN!!! A CLASSSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

6.6 - Dope Wars ZX Kay aka badkitty from NEW YORK - June 8, 2008

its missing a few things from pc version- ability to choose where you travel, able to buy more pockets for your stash, ability to buy guns to fight off cops, and addicts buying at outrageous prices after a bust. oh and gamers it's only supposed to be 30 days the point is to make as much as u can in a short time. my highest score back in the day was 18 mil :) i'm over 5 mil since i downloaded this one.

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