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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SGH-T139 Owners

8 - ASQUARE Kram from Ridgewood, NY - February 15, 2014

can not stop playing

9 - BreakDown Charles from Fort Worth, United States of America - July 11, 2013


8.2 - Red Galaxy: The First Straw Billy from Usa memphis - May 30, 2013

Good For a cell phone

7.4 - LosingYourMarbles Patricia from DET. MICH. USA - May 27, 2013


4 - DagazEhwaz Huma from Usa - May 14, 2013

Needs more modes and power ups skill shots

5 - Azi's Turbo Worm Josh from Usa - May 14, 2013

Needs more modes

10 - Poker Swap Kelly from Bakersfield usa - May 7, 2013

10 - Simon Neil from Marrero,La - January 8, 2013

Great game

8.6 - DagazEhwaz Marlin from Augusta - December 25, 2012

Great game

8.4 - Gangs of Crime City Melvin from Channelview - October 19, 2012

i love this game

6.2 - Solytare Heather from washington, usa - October 14, 2012

Good game

7.4 - Yet Another Tetris Julio from La Paz, Bolivia - September 13, 2012

Very Good game

8.8 - Klondike Mike from Indianapolis, USA - August 30, 2012

Perfect 4 Samsung SGH T139

5.2 - M-SuDoKu Rachel from New York, NY, USA - August 20, 2012

I enjoyed the game, since I like Pudoku, but there are a few things Iwould suggest to improve it. I would like different game styles like x-Sudoku. Also a timer on the game screen. Also, even though my keypad was on silent, during the game I had to put the phone on silent to stop the keys from beeping during the game.

7.4 - Tobitris Olivia from aburn , newyork - July 8, 2012

its an addickting gamd but a hard sometimes

8 - X-Ray Scanner Jay from St. cloud, mn usa - October 26, 2011

9.4 - Link Letter Sandra from Bronx - June 21, 2010

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