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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SGH-I607 BlackJack Owners

8 - Zelda tad from palo alto us - November 15, 2010

9.4 - Jetris WILLIAM from PORTOLA VALLEY, CA, USA - February 19, 2010


7.6 - Hangman DX rick from tampa, usa - August 26, 2009

6.2 - Sudoku Mark from Severn, US - January 27, 2009

need a way to remove # from wrong box.

8.4 - Zelda william from augusta - January 9, 2009

please help me i need to know where the red suit is email me at prentice.william@gmail.com

8.4 - Block Logic JUSTIN from USA - December 19, 2008

Does anyone know where to buy the full version of this game? it is the best. simply, challanging and fun!!!!!!

9.4 - Zelda Jeremy from San Diego - October 20, 2008

first off great game the game works perfectly on my blackjack 1 (SGHi-607) and i was having lots of problems within the game. so i decided to load beta 2 to look for things ( bomb bag) and i found it there and when i was done, i then uploaded beta 3 and everything was good. and now i beat everything so far but i cant find the red outfit. but almost done with the game. EXCELLENT GAME

8.2 - Origami Dandilion lizzy-kitty from West Palm Beach, Florida - October 14, 2008

It's really addicting. :o And I think Origami Animals would be really cool. Or something else Origami that you have to grow, but no more flowers. XD OH! ORIGAMI FARM! You can grow veggies and, like, wheat. XD Lol.

9 - Easywords ibraheem afeez from lagos, nigeria - July 30, 2008

8.4 - "Battle Monsters" Batwacka from Nevaland - July 10, 2008

Very fun game

9.2 - 5ud0ku KEVIN from NY - June 14, 2008

2 - JKyototicha frank from philadelphia, usa - April 24, 2008

i just didn't get it

5.8 - DagazEhwaz scott from smithtown, usa - March 19, 2008

glitchy...graphics gets hung up once in a while. also if u exit the game to do another task and then re-enter, your control of the paddle is lost, there's no fine control...its either left or right

7.8 - Asteroids David from Inwood IA - March 8, 2008

almost as fun as original

3.2 - Dope Wars ZX chris from chcico, usa - March 2, 2008

remove vibrate and add locations to jet to

6.2 - AquaClownFish Heather from Hillsboro USA - February 23, 2008

you cannot save so every time you answer a call, check email or whatever it starts over and that sucks

9 - Battleground tone loc from compton, usa - February 7, 2008

8 - FruitSquash CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Took me a bit to get onto the "plunger" idea.

Played well on my Blackjack. I got to the end of the trial without ever really figure out a "strategy" for what I was doing - so obviously it's easy enough to play.

Very pretty. Just over too fast.

7.8 - "Shrink" CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Really, my only complaint (playing on my Blackjack) is that I keep running out of time and the game is over too fast.

I couldn't figure out why I kept getting the same image over and over until I discovered that you only successfully complete the level when *all* the little squares are eliminated .. (yeah, I feel like a dolt -- I only mention it for those that hit the same snag).

7.6 - Capture CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Almost like the old Qix from my Atari 5200. Played well on my Blackjack. Sometimes seemed like it was bumping me out but I think I just have fat fingers.

Addictive! My 10-year-old stole my phone for quite a while. Very cool.

5.8 - Battleground CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

No matter how intelligent I made the AI players, they kept killing themselves. Sort of takes the fun out of it. Was hoping for a MIRV but only saw two weapons - only actually tried the first one cuz (like I said) they kept "offing" themselves.

Hoping for a Version 2.0 that would take me back to the old "Scorched Earth" .. could "zoom out" from the playing field a bit on the display (at least on my Blackjack) and give a better feel for where I'm at compared to the other players ..

This definitely is headed in the right direction .. just not quite there yet.

7.2 - Solytare CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Dunno about sound. WAAAYY better than the lousy excuse for solitaire that came with my Blackjack! I still always lose but at least I don't have to punch numbers to move the cards around.

Had to tweak the settings a bit to get the cards to show up nicely (basically set Visible Card Spacing, Hidden Card Spacing, and Card Height all at about the half-way mark on the meter and things are very playable).

Thank You!!

6.8 - Azi's Turbo Worm CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Dunno about sound. Had to tweak settings for my Blackjack (Cntrl: "DIR"; Y Swap: "Off"; Zoom: anything but "Normal"). Played a couple games looks like I could get addicted. Mazes are a bit more spread-out and chaotic than typical arcade version but that adds to the danger/unknown factor, I suppose.

8 - 5ud0ku CodeBlower from IL, USA - January 2, 2008

Don't know if there's sound. Works without any tweaks or problems on my Blackjack. Glad I found this was thinking of paying money for a battery-operated one but this one for the phone is perfect and always with me.

8.4 - Zelda jmart from columbia - November 13, 2007

fantastic game but has many errors using my phone.. cant get bombs or arrows or additional hearts etc.. hope hope hope that bugs can be fixed in final release

7.6 - Galactic Attack robfish from usa - September 14, 2007


5.6 - Asteroids James Glover from Sacramento, California - September 10, 2007

Keep up the good work. Add some sound and a bit more polish to finish this off. You have the vector graphics feel and the physics. The extra ship scoring is a bit too generous.

8.8 - "Zelda (beta 2)" john from desoto, usa - July 31, 2007

love zelda my first cool game

8.6 - 5ud0ku fred from colton,usa - June 8, 2007

trying to get my phone back from my wife!!!!!

8.2 - 5ud0ku Monda from West Palm Beach, FL - June 4, 2007

Monda from US. Playing on a Samsung Blackjack. I like this game alot. Tried another one and it does not compare. This game works great. Thanx.

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