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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SGH-A817 Owners

10 - Bluetooth Messenger Bithany from USA,North miami beach - December 27, 2012

Let's fun

8 - Balloon Bruster STAR from NEEDLES CA. - November 24, 2012


8 - Balloon Bruster STAR from NEEES CA. - November 24, 2012


9 - Classic Solitaire Gregory from Independence USA - October 12, 2012

I love playing solitare and this game on my phone is totally fun!! I play it at least three times a day.

9 - Classic Solitaire Greg from Independence USA - July 30, 2012

I love solitare. It is fun on here I just wish it Had sound.

7.8 - Mobtris STAR from CAL - July 19, 2012


9.6 - Lordmancer Nevar from Grand Junction,CO - December 21, 2011

8.8 - Lordmancer LONNIE from MERCED - October 28, 2011

8 - Zum-Zum Christina from hopkinsville Christina - August 15, 2011

9.4 - Zelda annaflorea from italy texas USA - July 20, 2011

hey love it... i bet shadow dude, just waited on him to disapp. than went though door, now i got mirror shield n pushed spikes 4 the 7th dungon ... igs just 1 room? cant figure out how 2 get to rest of it, its the one called DEMON on dungon map. can n e one help, or i can help if needed, ooo i got a touch phone its wonderfull for this game, i kickn asssssss!!!

8.2 - FartApp Brook from Greenville usa - June 26, 2011

9.4 - Casino pairs memory game METRA from USA - June 17, 2011

6.4 - "Super Sexy Calendar" KIRK from WAKE FOREST, USA - June 17, 2011

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