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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SGH-A687 Strive Owners

5 - Gemz sad robot from la, usa - February 22, 2013

this is not a free game! u have to pay for it.

8.6 - Zelda sad robot from los angeles, usa - December 3, 2012

luv it. how can i get the bombs.. i have enough money, but, it doesnt let me get it. how do i switch from sword to arrow?

8.4 - Adventure of Ted sad robot from LA, USA - November 22, 2012

fun cute game ;)

10 - Free SMS on biNu OLAITAN from LAGOS,NIGERIA - November 3, 2012


7.8 - Super Mario Planet Kensie from USA - June 23, 2012

The graphics are wonderful, and so is the sound -- except DURING gameplay, there is no background music. The game is entertaining although it mainly consists of jumping on the power lines.

4.8 - Yet Another Tetris MARK from SUNRISE FL. USA - January 22, 2011


6.8 - Classic Solitaire MIKKIE - December 5, 2010

7.8 - Bluevibe BOO from DALLAS - September 5, 2010

9 - Classic Solitaire TGRMOM48 from FL USA - August 20, 2010

7.6 - ToGoTV KELSEY from WOODRUFF UNITED STATES - July 17, 2010