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Game Reviews by Other Samsung SCH-R455 Owners

5 - HangMe Bjaed - November 24, 2012

Game connects to network to play

10 - Evil House sandra from pineville - September 22, 2012

the game is cool

8 - DagazEhwaz jacob from United - September 10, 2012

I love it it was the best game i everd play

7 - Dope Wars ZX mike from warren usa - August 25, 2012

tends to freez a lil when running from cops

6.4 - Zombie Buster wayman from london kentucky united states - August 9, 2012

sound need to b more fun

6.4 - Zombie Buster victoria from lewes usa - June 13, 2012

8 - Plop Art Sudoku peggy from lima, ohio USA - June 9, 2012

9.2 - Plop Art Sudoku Peggy from Lima,oh usa - June 9, 2012

Love it. I want to play more.

7.6 - "Zelda" Ruth from Grenada california, USA - May 12, 2012

Its nothing like the original

6.2 - Phone Vibrator Emmlie from Cleveland VA - April 30, 2012

You need to have the full versions for free too!!!.......:)


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