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Game Reviews by Other RIM BlackBerry 8820 Owners

8.2 - Taxi! VONGUYENST from VIETNAM - August 30, 2010

8 - Classic Solitaire sue from west cola - June 3, 2010

very good

5.8 - Fear Of The Dark john - March 19, 2010

7.8 - Scientific Calculator SloMoBill from Seattle - March 2, 2010

Great app for the BB. Use both BB calc and Sci Calc. Great functionality. And easy to use. Now to find a free software function calc with Binary-Decimal-Octal Conversions. Great job! Thanks!

7.4 - Word Search 2 Bill from Seattle, USA - February 20, 2010

For Blackberry 8820, ball-scroll arrow to letter then press 5 (ALT-5) to select. Continue selecting letters until word is complete.

6.2 - Backgammon Lite Joe from San Francisco, USA - May 23, 2009

don't upgrade. The paid version is not worth playing because the computer cheats terribly! it rolls all the rolls it needs to win - everytime! It seems to cheat more the longer you play (on hard level anyway). so although lite is too easy - the paid version is a waste of time! Sorry.

7 - Spider Solitaire bibie from idonesia - February 22, 2009


7 - Dope Wars ZX Minh from seattle, wa, usa - January 31, 2009

buy low sell high; too easy to make money when you know exactly what low is and high is. Heroin low is always around 4-5k and high is 10-11k; cocaine low is 10-11k high is 20-21k; crack low is 1k high is 3k; I mostly deal with the more expensive stuff to make money faster. I start out with borrowing 500K-- any more than that is unnecessay. Trick is to pay off loan shark as fast as you can, but gotta leave yourself money to buy low as well. anyway enough said, my highest score is $4.3million after 5 times of playing since i dl it

7.2 - 5ud0ku tim from san jose usa - January 17, 2009

9.6 - 5ud0ku sharon from usa - January 3, 2009

easy to use-goofy switching from pencil to pen but overall excellent fun

5.8 - "Zelda" Tim from Vancouver Washington - November 16, 2008

i went into a screen where it was raining and it lagged almost to the point of freezing my blackberry

8 - "Bombs" Boomer from Beaverton, OR - April 24, 2008

way to go!

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