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Game Reviews by Other RIM BlackBerry 8700 Owners

7.2 - Driving Mania dipanshu from dehli india - July 2, 2010

welll a nice game

7.4 - Evil House alotta cootees from damn city,hell - December 17, 2009

awesome game

9.6 - Zombie Buster daniel from stgo - October 10, 2009

9.6 - "Zelda" Hoang from Vietnam - August 15, 2009

You MUST try this game, I can't put my phone down for hours. I have completed all of this beta. There are 5 dugeon available. First, you need to go to the first cave to get the 1st sword. then travel to the north, you will find the first dugeon(a tree). there is a bow, heart pieces in this Dugeon( a large heart piece and a small piece).when you defeat the boss, continue to the 2nd Dugeon, you will get a bomb bag at this dugeon, it's VERY IMPORTANCE in this game. Bomb is used to defeat the 2nd Boss(a green Dinorsaur) and It's the key to open most of SECRETs in this game. You can use bomb to break the wall to find a new secret way, find the cool stuff. REMEMBER: Sometimes you see there is a small crack on the wall (at 1st dugeon, 5th dugeon..) use the bomb to break it. It's the key to find the LIGHT CANDLE, :)) most people don't know how to find it, i will show you later in Dugeon 5. The blank's too short to write down, ask me if you need, my Y!D: lastnguyenprince or nguyenvuhoangster@gmail.com

9.2 - Balloon isaac from santiago, chile - July 21, 2009

7 - Mudik Driving omasilv from cajamarca - June 3, 2009

7.4 - Jetris James from Merrimack, NH USA - May 1, 2009

I wish the alt button was reversed. i.e. trackwheel moves pieces, alt-down drops, and alt-up rotates. Also pause should blank the screen and actually pause the game. right now, the pause looks like it pauses, but the pieces continue to drop in memory, and are updated on the screen when you unpause.

2 - Fremtris yossi from london - February 9, 2009

too slow. you can't play like this. and this is with low grafix. just terrible

6.6 - Its' Blackjack! mike from Tucson, AZ, USA - November 28, 2008

don't think cards are truly random

9.2 - "Air Fightter v. 4" edgardo from concepcion,chile - November 18, 2008


8.8 - "Zelda" Cliff from Bowling Green, USA - October 13, 2008

I know this is a beta version that is why I wanted it and the fact that I love Zelda. On my phone though, it has crashed my phone everytime I have played the game. Seems that if I use my sword to fast it kills the phone, if I don't pick up a treasure before killing another pest it kills the phone, but other than having to start at the beginning everytime so far it's fun.

7.6 - "Air Fightter v. 4" yudi from bekasi,indonesia - August 16, 2008


9.8 - 5ud0ku benoit from toronto - August 1, 2008

i was using the rockbox sudoku and my mp3 player died ! i was looking for something like this but to be honest this sudoku is the best free version out there. many thanks !!!!!!

6.6 - "Jamtris" amanda from evansville, in - July 26, 2008

7.6 - 5ud0ku jp from santiago, chile - April 23, 2008


8.2 - 5ud0ku og from mx - April 4, 2008

7.2 - "Zelda" Riku from Bronx, NY - Usa - March 19, 2008

I'm enjoying beta 2...however I cant seem to download beta 3. : (

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