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Provided By: PicoWireless
Category: Communication, Multimedia, Productivity, Utilities
Platform: Java
Downloads: 68,444

Pico is a fast, full featured and free mobile application for any Java- enabled feature or Symbian cellphone. Including full HTML Web browsing, feature rich email, multimedia enabled SMS and an RSS Feed reader, Pico combines all the rich functionality of PicoMail, PicoWeb, PicoSMS and PicoRSS into a single, essential, free mobile application.

Pico features include:

  • Read and write plain text and HTML email messages
  • Browse the real web with an integrated HTML browser
  • Send photos, files and text messages using SMS and MMS
  • View breaking headlines using the integrated RSS reader
  • Share using Twitter, Email, SMS/MMS
  • Zoom, Fullsize, Save and OCR images
  • Setup multiple email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, OVI, 163.com, mail.ru, ...)
  • Simple email account configuration
  • JavaScript
  • Cookies
  • Attachment viewing, including Word, Excel, WordPerfect, image, ZIP and PDF
  • Save attachments to phone, send files from phone
  • Offline draft composition
  • Form autofill
  • Typing shortcuts
  • Saving of web pages, email messages for offline viewing
  • File explorer to view, rename, delete files on the phone
  • Audio and video playback
  • Automatic spam filtering
  • RSS/Atom support
  • Contact list import
  • Compression to reduce wireless data charges
  • Support for Unicode and many character encodings

Please read the Pico Users Guide for more information and visit the PicoWireless web site for more information and more free mobile applications.

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