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Provided By: Kalador Entertainment Inc.
Category: Puzzle, Flirt, Strategy, Adventure
Platform: Java
Downloads: 132,505

Rating: 8.1

8-16 mobile contestants compete in this battle for survival! Determine your character's traits, including skills, willpower, and brains. Earn immunity, face and overcome group challenges, forge alliances, and vote off opponents one per day until only the victor remains. Can you outlast the rest?

Outlast! brings the excitement and anticipation of reality television to your mobile phone in a compelling virtual game. With one game turn per day, contestants return daily to determine game results and plot their moves for the new day. Send private and public messages and chat together in the chatrooms!

Successfully completing challenges and interacting with peers provides Karma points, used to determine the eventual winner when down to the two finalists. Get to the final any way you can, but how you did it will likely determine the winner!

User Reviews of Outlast!

10 - July 25, 2012 - kellie holloway from okeechobee fla using Motorola WX430 Theory
i was fun

9.8 - December 10, 2010 - Akshay.Jaiswal from Jalna(aurangabad)india using Nokia 6020
Wow.....its wowvylicious'

6.8 - March 25, 2010 - DDE from Covington, GA, US using Samsung SGH-A887 Soltice

7.6 - December 20, 2009 - fffff from conroe,tx,usa using Nokia 6620

7.6 - November 17, 2009 - PANZERFAUST from BLACKPOOL using LG KU990 Viewty
This game is brilliant, there are some good people on this but some strange ones as well.

6 - December 12, 2008 - Jackie from BETHLEHEM using Nokia 6170

10 - November 12, 2008 - greg from royal oak michigan usa using Sprint PPC6800
this game is awesome! its just like the tv show survivor!

7.2 - August 17, 2008 - Sammy680 from England using SonyEricsson K800iv
Ace game, very addictive like the others on the site. Friendly users in the chatrooms too :)

8 - July 2, 2008 - Gabriel from Pampanga,Philippines using Nokia 3100
This is a very good game.Almost all in one

8.8 - April 14, 2008 - Charne from South Africa using Nokia 6820
This is a really awesome experience and i recommend u try it out! You will NOT regret it!

10 - July 16, 2007 - Shaun from Eastlondon using Samsung SGH-E250

9.2 - July 10, 2007 - Gara from Jawa using Nokia 6080

8 - July 10, 2007 - Sagaz from Jawa,bali using Nokia 6080

6.8 - July 6, 2007 - John keen from Canterbury, england using Nokia 6300
I love this game lots of fun and chatting to people is the best thing in the world. Definitely worth getting your hands on.- Squirrels reviews

8.4 - May 12, 2007 - JackGAnteng from Indonesia using Nokia 6600

9.6 - May 2, 2007 - ARIE from INDONESIA using Motorola C380

4.4 - May 2, 2007 - ALLICATT from PHOENIX, AZ using Sanyo MM-8300
Needs more graphics.

8.8 - April 10, 2007 - Rachel from Struthers, usa using Nokia 6103
I sometimes have a problem getting into outlast chat. Says error. Details say something is out of bounds. Ive played 6 games nd won 2 of those, what do i do with the kalador bucks? Plz send me help. Lol. No, really, help.

8 - February 13, 2007 - BENJIE H. BEE from ATX, USA using LG CU500
Game game. How do I spend the points I won?

[Admin: you can spend the kBucks at http://wap.kalador.com (on your phone) to buy cheats for Blitz! or access new trivia categories.]

6.4 - February 1, 2007 - Awess from Nigeria using Motorola L6 SLVR
I love this game!

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