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Game Reviews by Other Nokia X3-02 Owners

4.2 - The Theft Master SUPERGAMER2013 from Sa - May 23, 2013

Bad game

10 - Egg Farm MICHELLE from PHILIPPINES - December 29, 2012


7.2 - Sportbikes Unlimited KRistine criz from MANila - November 28, 2012


8.6 - Food Fun Imran from India - November 16, 2012

Pure fun package!

8.6 - Diamond Collector Atul from India - November 16, 2012

i love the game! It's just great!

8.6 - Jumping Piggy Shorya from India - November 16, 2012

Good game. Enjoyable

4.8 - Bluetooth Messenger WAN from MALAYSIA - September 26, 2012


8 - Farm Frenzy farid from kemaman - July 8, 2012


7.2 - Sportbikes Unlimited gtt from looo - February 6, 2012

7.6 - Sportbikes Unlimited Pardeep from Delhi, india - November 1, 2011


7.2 - Google Translate on biNu DADU from TUMKUR.INDIA - August 21, 2011

7.2 - Bluevibe humzakungda from JAMNAGAR (in) - June 18, 2011

9.6 - "X-Ray Scanner" H.C from TIRANA,ALBANIA - March 3, 2011



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