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Game Reviews by Other Nokia N95 Owners

9.2 - Sketch Effect OGEDENGBE from NIGERIA - June 6, 2013


5.2 - Easywords PRINCE from GHANA - May 11, 2013


7 - Grand Rally Championship ASHOK from KOLKATA,INDIA - February 26, 2013


10 - E-5 Underground 3D t - January 22, 2013


9 - Border War - Line Of Control FARVEZ from NIZWA - December 14, 2012


8.4 - Billiards SALAH from GUERCIF,MOROCCO - December 9, 2012


8.6 - World of Dragons GEORGE from SURIGAO DEL SUR - November 18, 2012

NICE GAME!. Love it.

9.6 - Peregin TicTacToe MAHI from INDIA - November 8, 2012


5.8 - Ball Balance Time DON from INDIA - September 10, 2012


10 - "Defend The Bunker" ARUN from GORAKHPUR - August 20, 2012


10 - "Defend The Bunker" UZAIR from MULTAN - August 19, 2012


10 - "Defend The Bunker" BINUMEX from TRIVANDRUM,INDIA - August 15, 2012


9 - Poker Holdem Master MARKO from KUMANOVO MACEDONIA - August 8, 2012


8.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" TAHIR from RAWALPINDI - August 6, 2012


10 - 3D Chess JOEL from SAUDI - August 2, 2012


7.2 - Mafia Driver RISHI from DELHI,INDIA - July 31, 2012


9.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" MONUVERMA from ROHOTA - July 31, 2012


7.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" ANTHU from BELLARY INDIA - July 28, 2012


10 - "X-Ray Scanner" ARASH from KERMANSHAH,IRAN - July 20, 2012


10 - "X-Ray Scanner" Fathi from Yemen Dhamar - July 10, 2012


10 - "X-Ray Scanner" NARESH from HYD, INDIA - May 18, 2012


10 - Super Mario Planet BAADSHAH26GOLD from KOTLI, PAKISTAN - May 17, 2012


7 - "X-Ray Scanner" MATHEW from INDIA - May 12, 2012

Very good

7 - "X-Ray Scanner" MATHEW from INDIA - May 12, 2012

Very good

5.6 - "X-Ray Scanner" RIZWAN from CHANDIGARH - May 4, 2012


10 - "X-Ray Scanner" AZLI from KUALA TRG,MALAYSIA - April 24, 2012


9.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" URI from TIJUANA - April 16, 2012

8.2 - Xonix IZHAR from KOTLI - April 16, 2012

8 - "X-Ray Scanner" Mansoor from Pishukan - February 28, 2012

7.6 - Hen Party BRUNO from BRASIL - December 23, 2011

8 - CrashArena 3D PETER - December 17, 2011

6.6 - Arka-brick LULU - November 27, 2011

8.8 - Grand Rally Championship KERTEZ from LONDON - November 20, 2011

7.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" BALEN from MESSI - November 18, 2011

8 - FreeCell MARIA from RIO, BRASIL - November 17, 2011

9 - Free SMS on biNu S from Harare, - November 17, 2011


7.8 - Hen Party LUCA from FIRENZE - November 16, 2011

7.8 - Live ICC T20 Cricket WorldCup JAWED from DAMMAM.SAUDI ARABIA - November 14, 2011


9 - Xonix ION from ROMANIAN - October 27, 2011

8.6 - "X-Ray Scanner" MAMED from FRANCE - October 22, 2011


8.8 - Poker Holdem Master RAMZES from BAKU - October 22, 2011

9.6 - Xonix KKKK from KARACHI - October 9, 2011

9.2 - "Godzilla - Monster Mayhem" JMADM from HULL - October 2, 2011


8.4 - Classic Solitaire SANA from NEW ZEALAND - August 26, 2011

9.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" ZEBRA from PORTUGAL - August 22, 2011

9.8 - "X-Ray Scanner" SPASOJE - August 6, 2011

8.6 - Poker Online jernej from velenje - August 6, 2011

8.2 - Xonix GAZAL from RWP,PAKISTAN - July 28, 2011


9.6 - Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks RONY from LEBANON - July 24, 2011

6.4 - Quick Stopwatch ADAM from INDIA - July 7, 2011

GOOD for Basic activities bt cud b made more user friendly and attractive with fw more features like start with call conversation like a call recorder as per user reqrmnt


Absolute Tris [trial]
Absolute Trivia: Booze [free]
Absolute Trivia: Fashion [free]
Absolute Trivia: Games [free]
Absolute Trivia: Transport [free]
AceRiddler Set 1 [free]
AceRiddler Set 2 [free]
AceRiddler Set 3 [free]
Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 [trial]
AcesRaces [ads]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 1 [free]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 2 [free]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 3 [free]
AceTrivia Science 1 [free]
AceTrivia Science 2 [free]
AceTrivia Science 3 [free]
Acid Effect [free]
AC Skipper [ads]
AD1066 [free]
Addicted To Pool [ads]
A Doggie Adventure [ads]
Advanced Brain Trainer [ads]
Adventure of Ted [ads]
Adventures Of Aggto [free]
Adventures Of Simba [ads]
AdventuresOfSimba2 [ads]
Age of Heroes Online [ads]
Age of Heroes Online [free]
Age of Heroes V: Warrior's Way [free]
Age of Japan [trial]
Air Race [ads]
AirRacing [ads]
Air Warrior [free]
Alberninho Football [ads]
Alert India: The Spirit of India [ads]
Alien Ambush! [ads]
Alien Combat [ads]
AlienInvasion [ads]
Alien Massacre 2 [free]
Alien Patrol [ads]
AlienSafari [ads]
AlienSafari [ads]
Alien Slots and Bunny Slots [ads]
AliThePenguin [ads]
AllFours [free]
Allied Assault [ads]
Aman's Rush Hour [ads]
Amazing Cowboy [free]
American Pie: Naked Run [ads]
Ana and Baby Cat [ads]
An Evil Entity [ads]
Angels and Demons [free]
Anger of the Evil Dragon [ads]
AngryGirls [ads]
Animagi [free]
Animal pairs game [free]
Animals [ads]
AnimatedPuzzle [free]
Anina Fashion Trivia [free]
Ansar [trial]
Antarctic Challenge 3D [ads]
Ant Feeding [ads]
AOT 2 Reloaded [free]
Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom [free]
AquaClownFish [free]
Aquajet [free]
Arcade Park 1 : 3 in 1 [trial]
Arcade Park 2 : 3 in 1 [trial]
Archery [ads]
Archive The EggS [ads]
Area 8: Free Survival Game [free]
AreYouHot2 [ads]
Arhats [ads]
Arka-brick [free]
Ark-annoyed [ads]
Army Assault [ads]
Arshad's Fight Club [ads]
Artin2007 [free]
Art Of War 2 - Confederation [trial]
Art Of War 2 Online [trial]
ASQUARE [free]
AssaultTeam3D [free]
Asteroids [free]
Asteroids [free]
AstroBuild [ads]
Astro Slots [free]
ATC2007 [ads]
Atomania [free]
Attack Brain [ads]
Attack Breaker Pro [ads]
AutoManiacs [ads]
AxelReflex [trial]
Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon [free]
Azi's Turbo Worm [free]


Baccarat Gold [ads]
Bachelor Bob [ads]
Bachelor_Bob [ads]
Backgammon [ads]
Backgammon Cup [ads]
Backgammon Lite [trial]
BackgammonPro [ads]
Back To Borneo [ads]
BallBalanceSeason [ads]
Ball Balance Time [ads]
Ball Bruster [ads]
Ball Mania [free]
BallMania Demo [trial]
Balloon [ads]
BalloonBlast [ads]
Balloon Bruster [ads]
BalloonPilot [trial]
BallRush2 [ads]
Ball Rush 2 Xmas [trial]
Banana Apes [ads]
Bananas [ads]
Barbarians [ads]
BarBlu [ads]
Bar Blu [ads]
BarTopBasketball [ads]
BarTopFieldGoal [ads]
Baseball vs Zombies [free]
BaseJumping_M2 [ads]
BattleBlocks [free]
Battle Boats 3D [trial]
BattleCity [ads]
Battleground [trial]
BattlelineOkinawa [ads]
Battle Ship [ads]
Battleship [ads]
Battleships BT Demo [trial]
Battleships Game [free]
Battleship (touch enabled) [free]
BattleSpace [ads]
Bay of Pigs [ads]
Beach Club Tropicana [ads]
Beach Poker [ads]
Beach Surprise [free]
BeachVolley [ads]
Beam Me Up [ads]
Beauty Center [ads]
Belote [ads]
Belote Poker [ads]
BGBlitz2go [trial]
Big2 Poker [ads]
Big Big2 [ads]
Big Big2 [ads]
Big Fish Hunter [ads]
BigGameSafari [ads]
BigGameSafari [ads]
BigGameSafari2 [ads]
Billiards [ads]
Billy's Brain Academy [trial]
Binary Finary Chart Quest [ads]
Bin Mania [ads]
Biorhythm [ads]
BirdBuzz [ads]
Bird Flu [trial]
BirdsFight [ads]
BirdsShooter [free]
BJP Vs Congress [free]
Bk Out [trial]
BlackJack [free]
BlackJack [ads]
Blackjack [ads]
BlackJack Masters [ads]
BlackShark [trial]
BlackShark 2 Siberia [trial]
BlackShark 3D [trial]
Black Star [ads]
BlindFury [trial]
Blitz [ads]
BlockAway [free]
BlockGame [free]
Block Logic [trial]
BlueRunner [ads]
Bluff [ads]
Bobby's Blocks [ads]
Bomber [free]
Bonze [free]
Border War - Line Of Control [free]
Bouncy Bird [ads]
Bouncy Bunny [ads]
Bowling [free]
BowlingSuperstars [ads]
Bowling Superstars [ads]
Boxing [ads]
Brave Mouse [ads]
BreakDown [free]
BreakIt [ads]
Break Them Up [ads]
BrickBuster [ads]
Brick Mania [ads]
Brick Mania [free]
Brik-Link [trial]
BTBattle [trial]
BubbleBoom [ads]
Bubble Drop [trial]
Bubble Mania Deluxe [ads]
BubblePop Interactive [ads]
Bubble Poppers [ads]
Bubble Revolution [ads]
BubblesII [ads]
Bubble Sport [ads]
Bubblet [free]
Bubbly Ball [ads]
Bublex [ads]
Bug Garden [ads]
Buggy Fighter [ads]
Bungee [ads]
Bunker [free]
Burping Chinese [ads]
Bushido [ads]
Bust 'em Up [trial]
Butterfly Catcher 128x128 [ads]

CaptureMe [ads]
Car Jacker [ads]
Cars [free]
Casino Crime [free]
Casino pairs memory game [free]
Catapult Mania [free]
Cat Basket [ads]
Catch Cock [ads]
CatchNSnatch [free]
CatchNSnatch [ads]
Catch the Flag [ads]
Cats in a Flap [ads]
Caveman'sCricket [ads]
Cavemen [ads]
Celebrity Pairs [ads]
Cerebrum [free]
ChampionshipTrophy2012 [ads]
Checkers Deluxe [free]
Checkers Fever [ads]
Chess [ads]
Chess [free]
Chess Champion [trial]
ChessClock [trial]
Chess Lite [trial]
ChicagowarsII [ads]
ChicagowarsII [ads]
Chicken [ads]
Christmas_a_maze [ads]
Christmas Ball Balance [ads]
ChristmasRainbow [ads]
Chuver [ads]
ClassicRacer [free]
Classic Solitaire [ads]
Click-a-mania [free]
ClownWarrior [ads]
CoA-Prologue [beta]
Cobra [ads]
Coin flipper [ads]
Collider [trial]
ColoJump [ads]
ColorSticks [free]
Combat Club 3D [trial]
Commander [ads]
Concentrate [ads]
Condetsoft Pool [ads]
Connect2Win [ads]
Connect4 [free]
Connected4 [ads]
Contraflow [ads]
Cosmoshot [ads]
CrashArena 3D [trial]
Crash Balls [free]
Crash Test Dummy Racer [ads]
CrazyBall [free]
Crazy Balls [ads]
Crazy Block [ads]
Crazy Caterpillar [ads]
Crazy Charly [ads]
Crazy Fish [ads]
Crazy Frog Racer [ads]
CrazyMonkey [ads]
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 [ads]
CrazyPirates [ads]
Crazy Rat [free]
Crazy Road Train [ads]
Crazy Spacy [ads]
CreazyLoops [ads]
CreepyBreakoutCastle [ads]
CricketCompanion - T20 WC 2012 [ads]
Cricket Fever Challenge [ads]
CricketLeague2013 [ads]
Cricket League Of Champions [ads]
Cricket Quiz [free]
CricketT20 [ads]
Cricket T20 World Championship [ads]
Crimsonland - Mobile Massacre [trial]
Cryex [free]
Cube Explode [ads]
Cubes [ads]
Cupidos Arrows [ads]
Custom Choppers [free]
Cute Bird [ads]
Cyberlords [free]
Cyborgs War [beta]


Mad Cow Martha [ads]
Mafia Driver [free]
MafiaDriverCT [ads]
MafiaDriverNY [ads]
Magical Cup [ads]
Magic Ball [ads]
Magic Carpet [ads]
MagicCube [free]
Magic Heroes [free]
Magic Woman [ads]
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim [free]
Make Square [trial]
Mambos Beer Quest [ads]
Mancala [free]
Marble Solitaire [free]
Marbles Solitaire Pro [ads]
Marine Fighter [ads]
Marksman Shooting [ads]
Masha And The Magic Nut [free]
Masters of Mayhem [trial]
MatchMaker [ads]
MatchPoint Tennis [ads]
MatchstickWarriors [ads]
Matchstick Warriors [ads]
Matchstick Wars [ads]
Maya the Bee [ads]
MazePipe [free]
MC Martha 2 [ads]
MCMartha 3 [ads]
Mechanical War [ads]
Memory Checker [ads]
Memory game: Cities [free]
Memory Game: Fruits [free]
Memory Meltdown [ads]
Memory Meltdown [ads]
Mercury Meltdown [ads]
Mermaid Poker [free]
Mermaids Treasure [free]
Metal Force [ads]
Metallic Wind [ads]
Michi Michi Panic [free]
Microbial Attack [ads]
Midnight Riders [ads]
Milk [ads]
MindScanner [ads]
MineField [free]
Minesweeper [ads]
Minesweeper [free]
Mine Sweeper Redux [ads]
Mini Games [free]
Mini Golf Challenge 99 Holes [ads]
Mission Cobra Strike [ads]
MissionDestruction [ads]
Misty Miles [ads]
MobiBrain [ads]
MobileBG [free]
Mobile Cobra Strike [ads]
Mobile Jokes 2 (A) [ads]
Mobile Jokes 3 [ads]
Mobile Jokes Midlet Suite [ads]
Mobile Poker Club [free]
MobiPoker [ads]
MobRunner [free]
Mobtris [ads]
MolaSunfish [free]
Money [free]
MonkeyBusiness [ads]
Monkey Business [ads]
MonkeyKing [ads]
Monkey King [trial]
Monster Mash [ads]
Monsters Bubbles [ads]
Monster Stunts [ads]
Monter Truck Challenge [ads]