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Game Reviews by Other Nokia N8 Owners

7.8 - Tic Tac Toe sahar from iran - May 18, 2013


6.8 - Gladiator Escape Toheedkhan from Sikar rajasthan - May 7, 2013

10 - Townsmen 6 CESAR from PHILIPPINES - May 5, 2013

8 - Mafia Driver Varun from Delhi - February 6, 2013


8 - GlassPlayer Demo SAMEER from INDIA - January 17, 2013


10 - Free Run LIMUEL from LAOAG - December 12, 2012


8.4 - Shoot The Bunny Radihka kulshrestha from UP - November 18, 2012

Super game!

8.8 - Panda Pop Ram - November 18, 2012

Very good game......

9 - X-Ray Scanner SHAH from MALDIVED - November 14, 2012


9 - Mafia Driver MAHENDRA CHAUDHARY from INDIA - July 23, 2012


9.6 - X-Ray Scanner motin from khulna,bangladesh - June 16, 2012

9.8 - X-Ray Scanner MD from RIYAD - June 13, 2012

10 - X-Ray Scanner SAMAD from AFGHANISTAN - May 17, 2012


8.4 - Mafia Driver omer from khartoum-sudan - May 14, 2012

nice game

9.6 - X-Ray Scanner SANDY from EGYPT - February 25, 2012

9.6 - Outlaw Racing osko - February 11, 2012

9.8 - X-Ray Scanner chandresh shah from india - September 17, 2011


8.4 - X-Ray Scanner SHAHRAM from IRAN - July 5, 2011


qHangman [free]
qKillBlocks [free]
Qplaze Poker [free]
Quadrix [free]
Quick [free]
Quick Soccer [ads]
QuizConquest [ads]


Sakurahlem [free]
SameColors [trial]
Sameness [free]
SantaFreeRunner [free]
Santa In ChristmasLand [ads]
SantaJump [ads]
Santa Pilot [ads]
Santa's ADVENTURE [free]
Santa Snow Bowling [ads]
Santa Stunt [ads]
Save My Pet [ads]
Save The Army [free]
ScaryGame [free]
Sexy Solitaire [ads]
Shaktiman Run [free] - New!
Shark Attack [ads]
Shark or Die [free]
ShootTheBottle [free]
Shoot The Bunny [ads]
Shoot The Crackers [free]
Shoot The Dart [free]
Shoot The Pumpkin [ads]
Shoot The Terrorists [ads]
Sideralis [free]
Sigmore Mines [trial]
Sigmore Mines 2 [trial]
SimEtris [free]
Simon [free]
Sinfah's Lair [free]
Skaters Boy [free]
SkyDiving [free]
Sky Force [ads]
Slide To Survive [free]
Slots [ads]
Smart Thief [ads]
Smiles&Stones [free]
SMSTrainer [free]
Snake Classic [free] - New!
Snake Evolution [free]
Soap-Bubble Minesweeper [beta]
SocaTrivia [free]
Soccer Free Kick [ads]
Soldier 1945 [ads]
Solitaire [ads]
SolitaireChess [ads]
SolitairePro [ads]
Solytare [free]
Song4Christmas [free]
Spaceball [ads]
Space Ballistics [free]
Space Cowboy [free]
Space Mission [ads]
Space Odyssey [trial]
Spaceport [trial]
Space Traveller [free]
Spanish pairs memory game [free]
Sparky - The Electrician [ads]
SpeedDragRacing [free]
SpeedExtreme [ads]
Speed Rush [ads]
Spiral Affair [free]
Sportbikes Unlimited [trial]
Squarventure [trial]
StickmanFighter [ads]
Stolen in 60 sec [trial]
St. Patrick's slot machine [free]
StreetBall [ads]
Street Rush [free]
Street Skater [ads]
stuntracingcar [free]
Su-30 [trial]
Submarine Attack [free] - New!
SudoContest [ads]
Su-Do-Ku [trial]
Sudoku [ads]
Sudoku [free]
Sultry Nights [ads]
Super Commando [ads]
SuperCricket [ads]
Super Drift 2 [free] - New!
Super Hero Zero [ads]
Super Orio [free]
SUPER ORIO2 [free]
Super Pool [ads]
Super Snake [free]
SuperSoccer [ads]


Xing Digger [ads]
Xmas Candy [ads]
XmasZumax [ads]
X-ray Scanner [free] - New!
XtremeBlocks [free]