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Game Reviews by Other Nokia N-Gage QD Owners

7.6 - Opera Mini oiuy - July 1, 2011

8.6 - Kampung Racer sri ram - September 6, 2010

9.8 - "War Monster" wahyu from padang - April 4, 2010


7.6 - "2008 World Soccer" imron from indonesia - October 27, 2008

6.4 - "Shrink" Joe from Uxbridge, England - August 17, 2007

This game has some nice colourful Namco images and although it was a bit confusing at first, there's something quite addictive about it...

8.2 - Dance Off DiscoMan Joe from Uxbridge, England - August 17, 2007

Gameplay: If you like rhythm games, you should like this.
Graphics: Nothing special, but alright for a mobile phone.
Sound: Good song, plays through my phone speakers very well (if a little loud!) unlike other full-price games I've had.
Features: 3 difficulty levels and multiplayer keep things interesting.
Fun: Pretty fun, worth a try if you like this sort of thing.

Overall, not abundant in content, but that's why there's 4 versions!

7.8 - Hangman DX Joe from Uxbridge,England - May 18, 2007

All you could ever want from a hangman game and more. The choice of categories is an excellent feature and makes the game much more playable.