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Game Reviews by Other Nokia E90 Communicator Owners

10 - Free Run Navjot from INDIA - December 16, 2012


10 - Free Run JOHN from NIGERIA - December 13, 2012


8.6 - ZumaxMania HOPE from PORTHARCOURT,NIGERIA - October 12, 2012


10 - Mafia Driver KANCHAN from DAHRADUN,INDIA - October 8, 2012


6.4 - Mafia Driver BIKASH from 0072 - October 1, 2012


8.4 - Bubble Drop MARLON from GAUTENG - August 29, 2012


9.8 - Mafia Driver BREEZE from LAGOS,NIGERIA - August 14, 2012


10 - ZumaxMania ANTHONY from AP - August 5, 2012


9.4 - Sportbikes Unlimited BIJU from INDIA - July 25, 2012


10 - Zulux ET from RSA - July 18, 2012


10 - "X-Ray Scanner" USMAN from NIGERIA - June 27, 2012


7.2 - Bowling CELYONLY from INDIA - April 20, 2012


8.2 - "Adventurer 2" arz magsi from dubai u.a.e - February 26, 2012


8.8 - Super Mario Planet KC from PHILIPPINES - October 28, 2011

8.6 - Swahili CleverTexting CHETAN from MUMBAI ¤ INDIA - October 17, 2011


7.8 - "1942: Deadly Desert" amir from 25342 - October 17, 2011

4.4 - "Ski Jump 2005" nourdine from lebanon tripoli - August 25, 2011

i like this games

9.6 - "X-Ray Scanner" ABDUL from DUBAI UAE - August 24, 2011


8.8 - Easywords DEGU from ET - June 29, 2011

9.8 - Sexy Pairs aaa from ksa - July 21, 2010

8.2 - "Sexy Brunettes Eropocket" FURQI from DUBAI - February 8, 2010


7.4 - "Air Fightter v. 4" IBRAHIMAWA from LAGOS,NIGERIA - September 22, 2009

7.2 - 3D Tic-Tac-Toe PKK from NEW DELHI, INDIA - July 28, 2009


7 - Easywords ANSHUL from INDIA - May 18, 2009


8.2 - Sudoku Rob from Netherlands - April 17, 2009

Well made ... fun to play ... couldn't find an easy way to empty a value previously entered by mistake from a field (e.g. the number remains blinking)

7.8 - Easywords TEUKU from INDONESIA - April 6, 2009

8.4 - Sudoku PAULO from JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - March 29, 2009

9.6 - Greater Than Sudoku اسماعيل from السعودية - March 17, 2009

8 - Evil House Not Available from Unknown - February 12, 2009

Good game. Should make a PS2, PC, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS and XBox 360 versions with sequels as well. And of course... please NO ADS the next time. Such a pain.

9.2 - Easywords MICHAL from VIENNA - January 19, 2009

7.2 - Easywords DATA from NIGERIA - October 10, 2008


7.2 - Easywords ABOUDI from BEIRUT,LEBANON - August 8, 2008


8.4 - Easywords ROMI from INDIA - July 8, 2008


7.2 - 3DTetris DAN from RSA - July 4, 2008

8.8 - Easywords KAUSHIK from SURAT,India - July 2, 2008

7 - Easywords SUMIT from INDIA - June 20, 2008

5.8 - 5ud0ku SUMIT from INDIA - June 2, 2008

9.6 - 3DTetris MARIFE from ABU DHABI, UAE - May 27, 2008

9 - 3DTetris M. from NL - May 13, 2008

9 - Sudoku SHAHID from UAE - May 13, 2008

7.2 - Easywords T from TURKEY - April 19, 2008

6.8 - "Jamtris" Chris from East Palo Alto, CA, USA - April 10, 2008

Problems unpausing on Nokia E90. Too easy to accidentally drop piece.

9 - 3DTetris DELUG from JAKA - March 23, 2008

9.6 - Par 72 Golf MAHMOUD from BAHRAIN - March 15, 2008

4 - Its' Blackjack! PARIMAL from GURGAON, INDIA - March 9, 2008

Graphics scuk

9 - Bubble Drop E from S - February 22, 2008

6.4 - Sudoku DOL from ITALY - February 22, 2008

9.4 - Tobitris CAB from CC - January 8, 2008

9 - Tobitris KHALED from EGYPT - November 4, 2007

7.4 - Tobitris BAIG from PAKISTAN - October 3, 2007

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