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Game Reviews by Other Nokia 9500 Owners

8.8 - "4x4 Extreme Rally 2006" barkal from riau - May 22, 2012


9 - "4x4 Extreme Rally 2006" happy from dheli - October 31, 2010

9.2 - IQ Crying Phone asta from banyuwangi, indonesian - October 19, 2009

8.8 - "Air Fightter v. 4" Dwi from Jakarta, Indonesia - June 2, 2009

7.6 - "Zelda (beta 2)" DonFalkCop - September 8, 2008

8.4 - Sudoku Alexandro - July 5, 2008

9.6 - "DragonAttack" Shahrul from Pulau Pinang - April 5, 2008

Wow! Why is this game not more popular?

8.8 - "Zelda" Syazwan from KL, MALAYSIA - January 11, 2008

Hey, anyone have rpg maker?? if yes plz reply... anyway, the game is mega super!!!!! but i suppose to minus mega cuz no sound at all!!!!

9 - "Shark" bak from london - January 2, 2008


8.8 - "Free Fall" Begs from London - December 15, 2007

8.4 - "Opal's Quest" Syazwan from KL - December 13, 2007

Is this some kind a rpg game such as a zelda...better try it . it gonna be fun

8 - "Drag Racers" shahrul from pulau pinang - December 7, 2007

i am number one fan of the games

9.6 - "Zelda" Syazwan from Kl - December 2, 2007

The B BUtton for The zelda is... '1'.

9.6 - "Zelda" Syazwan from Kl - November 25, 2007

Its ok. Just take ur time 2 do it. Please hurry... u said is on december 2007 right?The comment by me = NOT ENOUGH SOUND.The graphics is very very very good. But sometimes the rain makes my mobile hang. I could rate this zelda all 10 if the sound are more than right now.

9.6 - "Zelda" syazwan from kl - November 24, 2007

Somehow i fell jealous to somebody that been reply by Admin. I really hope he can reply my messages too. How do i make u reply??! 1 QUESTION FOR EVERYONE! when will the full version zelda can be download.? I have wait for about 5 months!
[Admin: Sorry! We don't know when the final version will be complete. The programmer is doing the work on his own time and it's been quite a few months between previous releases.]

9.4 - "Darkest Fear 3 : Nightmare" Syazwan zelda no.1 fan from Kl - November 21, 2007

Very nice game. Good job.

9.6 - "Zelda" Syazwan(Zelda No.1 fan) from Kuala Lumpur - November 21, 2007

Now i know how to take the sword from the hero tomb. U must go near it and someone will say 'hero...bla bla bla...'.. after that u must attack the other sword with your own sword.It will automatically disappear. Well, check out your sword... it is cooler than before.It is also do more damage to the enemy. I hope its helping... . One more thing.. the location of the hero tomb is in the graveyard... Push any grave to find a secret passage that lead us to the hero tomb(I don't which grave)...Somebody plllleeeezzz tell me when will the the full version can be download..

9.2 - "Zelda" Syazwan from Kuala lumpur malaysia - November 20, 2007

I want 2 ask cody 1 question. where did u found another sword...i have found only 2 sword.first at the beginning and second at a waterfall way. at the hero's tomb?where is that?A lot things i want 2 ask everyone.... GIVE ME A REPLY...'~'

9.6 - "Porn Manager 2" Syazwan from KL - November 18, 2007

Good game. A little bit hard also. Pretty girls. Did anybody have cheats? :p -feels stupid- Why? Of course! I didn't tell ya yet. It is because i like the way easier. if anyone have it tell me ok?

9.6 - "Zelda" Mohd.Fauzi from Kuala lumpur - November 12, 2007

Well, it was EXCELLENT! But 1 problem. I got stuck in a room with 3 sign said something. Thank u, wait 4 the full version, and the next version will be before 1st december?Is that mean It was the last version(full version/complete version)? If yes, please hurry 2 make it. I like it soooo much . how about in 25th November.... (hurry) Thanx..... ^_^

9.2 - "Zelda" Syazwan from Kuala Lumpur - November 10, 2007

Excellent! I cant wait 4 the full version!