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Game Reviews by Other Nokia 6760 Slide Owners

8 - ZumaxMania JOWEE from NIGERIA - May 6, 2012


7.4 - FishText .JESSE from LAGOS , NIGERIA - November 6, 2011

7 - X-Ray Scanner CHERIE - November 30, 2010

7 - Soldier 1945 TITILAYO from LAGOS, NIGERIA - October 27, 2010

8.6 - Evil House MOARKINYO from NIGERIA - April 21, 2010



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Egg Farm [ads]
Egg Jump [free] - New!
EggJumper [ads]
Egg Shooter [ads]
Egyptian pairs game [free]
Enemies [beta]
Escuadron201 [ads]
Evil House [ads]
Extreme Dirt Bike Rally [free] - New!


qHangman [free]
qKillBlocks [free]
Quadrix [free]
QuakeTsunami [ads]
Quick [free]
Quick Soccer [ads]
QuizConquest [ads]


Zelda [beta]
Zero-G [ads]
Zig Zag Classic Race [free] - New!
Zombie Car Race [free] - New!
Zombie Crash Race [free] - New!
ZumaxMania [ads]