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Game Reviews by Other Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Owners

8.2 - English Explanatory Dictionary vijay from shahada. india - January 26, 2013


6 - Border War - Line Of Control VIVEK from BAHARICH - December 31, 2012


8.4 - Defend The Bunker Ghalib from Pakistan - December 18, 2012

V.interesting game.

10 - Fat Effect Faizan from Karachi - October 12, 2012


9.2 - Sportbikes Unlimited Raj from Allhabad - September 14, 2012


10 - Defend The Bunker Rajveer singh from Indea - August 20, 2012

Like it

10 - Defend The Bunker Rajveer singh from Indea - August 20, 2012

Like it

9.8 - Sportbikes Unlimited magesh from india - August 16, 2012

i like it

7.6 - Defend The Bunker galu - August 16, 2012


10 - Sketch Effect DAVID from NIGERIA,LAGOS - August 14, 2012


10 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" gurinderjit singh from patiala.punjab.india - August 8, 2012

nice game

8.8 - "CrashArena 3D" Dhaneesh from Thrissur,kerala - July 19, 2012

This game i like very much

6 - "IPL 2012" Pratyaya from Kolkata - June 2, 2012

Attracts everyone

10 - "IPL 2012" Sabir from Kerala - May 31, 2012

Good graphics

10 - Sportbikes Unlimited d.c boyz from new delhi.india - May 18, 2012

nice game

8.2 - "IPL 2012" Md muzammil a from Saharsa - May 12, 2012

Nice game

10 - Sportbikes Unlimited M.zain naeem from Layyah,Pakistan - May 6, 2012

its excellent

6 - Sportbikes Unlimited raj from nagpur ,india - April 18, 2012

Imazing game

7.8 - Sportbikes Unlimited اعنتن from اتناتن - February 6, 2012

8.2 - GERMAN - ENGLISH dictionary ayaz from pakistan - November 18, 2011

6.8 - X-Ray Scanner ayaz from pakistan - November 18, 2011

9.2 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" ARJUN from INDIAN - November 16, 2011


7.6 - Soldier 1945 a.n. from mahragjang - November 10, 2011

7 - X-Ray Scanner amro from cairo - November 7, 2011

7.6 - Sportbikes Unlimited B R N - October 29, 2011

9.8 - Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks noel from Philippines - October 17, 2011


9.4 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" Happy from India - October 2, 2011

6.2 - "CrashArena 3D" dk from india - September 17, 2011

9.8 - X-Ray Scanner raja thalapathy from trichy india - August 28, 2011


8 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" Ramprakash Rai from Kanpur - August 22, 2011

7 - Sportbikes Unlimited gry from fry - August 17, 2011

6.6 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" Sathish from Tamil nadu. India - August 17, 2011

9 - English Explanatory Dictionary Vikas khobra from Tohana,india - August 12, 2011

5.4 - Sportbikes Unlimited sammem from quezon city - August 12, 2011

8.8 - X-Ray Scanner Jatin from Ahemdabad - August 9, 2011

8.6 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" aby from cochin - July 28, 2011

7.8 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" jigar modi from india - July 25, 2011

i am fan sport of cricket

8.8 - Panini Telugu srinvas from AndhraPradesh,India - July 20, 2011

wonderful app to type sms in Telugu.i follow the description & type very easily.there are vothulu characters in Telugu to make it by butting a consonant+virama(red in color)+consonant it automatically formed it.
if characters are not visible & showing square boxes means Telugu font is not present in phone.
i know it sounds like an advertisement but its true.i was waiting such app.!!!!
gd work.keep it up....:)

5.8 - Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks tiru from india - July 10, 2011

I like this game very very much

9.6 - KD Player anand from bijapur - July 8, 2011

i love you

7.6 - Shark or Die nitin soni from india.bhuj - July 8, 2011

i like game

8.4 - Soldier 1945 Mohammad khan from Karachi , pakistan - June 6, 2011

Nice game for nokia cel phone

5 - Sexy Pairs bisu from karimganj,india - January 24, 2011

10 - "Cricket T20 World Championship" himanshu from india&jabalpur - January 23, 2011


8.2 - X-Ray Scanner Anbu from Chennai - January 23, 2011

Good work

8 - Sportbikes Unlimited Santosh from India - January 22, 2011

10 - Farm Frenzy dinesh from gandhidham - January 20, 2011

10 - Mr Bean Racer 2 shamvil.k from india - January 20, 2011

want 2 download games

9 - Taxi! Antara saikia from Guwahati - January 20, 2011

8.2 - Travel Genius siddhesh m. rokde from nagpur,INDIA - November 20, 2010


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