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Game Reviews by Other Nokia 2730 Classic Owners

10 - spyBlue BRUNO from MOZAMBIQUE-SOFALA - May 11, 2013

9.4 - Special Effect NOBERT from ARUSHA,TANZANIA - May 10, 2013


10 - RaOne Genesis LUCIFER - May 9, 2013

5.2 - gdJokes - pack#1 RUTH from PH, NIGERIA - May 8, 2013


7 - Border War - Line Of Control Alice bond - February 12, 2013


10 - Art Of War 2 - Confederation ERIC from NIGERIA - January 16, 2013


10 - Graffiti Ramesh thevan from Sivagangai - December 15, 2012


7.8 - KD Player Ghana from GUWAHATI - December 2, 2012


10 - World of Dragons carlo manliclic from Philippines - October 28, 2012

Very nice game

1 - Mafia Driver Ojiwa from Kenya - October 7, 2012

Has not even opened the application after download, waste of my time and data bundles, very poor!

9.8 - KD Player PRAVEEN SUNDESHA from JALORE RAJASTHAN INDIA - October 1, 2012


5.2 - Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Anthony from Warwick, UK - September 27, 2012

Only got to play tutorial and start of the first level, then i saved and now when i load it the screen just stays on the phones options to start/update etc screen

10 - Defend The Bunker TOPENDRA from BHUBANESWAR - September 14, 2012


10 - FileExplorer SILAMBARASAN from INDIA - September 8, 2012


10 - SameColors GURU from ERODE,INDIA - August 31, 2012


10 - Devils And Demons ZAMIR from INDIA - August 18, 2012


5 - CatchNSnatch ani from lucknow,india - August 15, 2012

Nice combination of 2 phases.
I like the idea of 2 phases combine in 1 level.
Catching balls is really fun n using them tactfully make it
even more appealing.
Need is of few more levels.
Looking forward to play more:)

5.8 - JKyototicha YVONNE mcmanus from BROKEN BOW OKLA. USA - August 14, 2012


8.4 - World of Dragons DEVEN from NEPAL - August 7, 2012


10 - SameColors MARCOS from MOÇAMBIQUE - August 1, 2012


7.2 - Classic Solitaire KINFE from ADDISABEBA,ETHIOPIA - June 15, 2012

7.8 - SameColors Lucky from Springs, Gauteng, South Africa - May 24, 2012

The game should have stages when completing the initial game.

10 - SameColors RAJANIKANTH NAIK from BHATKAL - May 4, 2012


8.4 - Zelda YVONNE mcmanus from BROKEN BOW OKLA. USA - April 28, 2012


5 - Holde'm Poker Extreme C why - April 25, 2012

It says the .jar has a severe virus.

7.2 - MobileHoroscope Sanyog - February 28, 2012

9.6 - "Soldier 1945" QAYOOM from INDIA - February 25, 2012


7.4 - Foice RATHEESH from NAGAI INDIA - February 24, 2012


7.6 - SameColors IBE from NIGERIA - February 10, 2012


9.2 - SameColors PETE from COVENTRY - February 1, 2012

9.2 - "Soldier 1945" Facebook chat from AMRAVATI,INDIA - December 20, 2011

8.2 - Easywords APON from CHITTAGONG - November 30, 2011

7.6 - Townsmen 6 nips08 - November 19, 2011

8 - Wedding Sale Madness Nena from Sydney australia - November 19, 2011

9.6 - Condetsoft Pool BABU from CTG,BANGLADESH - November 14, 2011


9.6 - Condetsoft Pool BABU from CTG,BANGLADESH - November 14, 2011


9.6 - Poker with Elita KEVIN from COSTA RICA LIMON - November 13, 2011

9.8 - New York Roller Coaster Rush alex - November 5, 2011

8 - "Soldier 1945" Sumit from India - October 31, 2011

8 - KGB S.W.A.T. MAHI from BANGLADESH - October 21, 2011

8.8 - Su-30 Jerome from _Marilao Bulacan_/Alaminos_Laguna. - September 14, 2011

6.6 - 3D Chess NIKHIL from NAGPUR.INDIA - August 22, 2011

8 - 3D RollercoasterRush Underground VIVEK from K V amc, lucknow - August 18, 2011


7.2 - "X-Ray Scanner" J from INDIA - August 15, 2011

9.4 - Sportbikes Unlimited Javeed from Hyadrabad,andrapradesh - August 13, 2011


7 - Sportbikes Unlimited Arshpreet from India. Tohana - August 12, 2011


8.2 - "Soldier 1945" P from INDIA - August 11, 2011

8 - XtremeBlocks SURESH from 022 - August 11, 2011

8 - XtremeBlocks SURESH from 022 - August 11, 2011

7.2 - Easywords KARTHI from TAMILNADU,INDIA - August 9, 2011

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