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Game Reviews by Other Nokia 2630 Owners

10 - "Godzilla - Monster Mayhem" MARK from AMERICA - December 31, 2012


10 - Free SMS on biNu E from A.A - December 18, 2012


1 - Ninja Fighter EFFIONG from NIGERIA - July 28, 2012

I Dont Like wat am seing.spending all my time & money on net no good server

8.8 - SameColors IGivemore Chabuda from Harare Zimbabwe - June 14, 2012


10 - Papaya Tatenda from Zimbabwe - April 27, 2012


7.2 - Hen Party KRIS from NEW YORK - February 25, 2012


8 - spyBlue Dereje from ETHIOPIA - October 28, 2011


8.8 - Alien Ambush! AJ from INDIA - October 20, 2011


7.4 - Guitar Trainer FUTI MAYUNDA from D.R.C - July 1, 2011


8 - Flasher rhoann from cavite city,Philippines - June 18, 2011

fAntAstiC !

8.8 - PoliceStory NOTINO from THAILAND - June 2, 2011


7.8 - Paul Octopus Oracle Äämi from DELLHI INDIYA - March 15, 2011


9.4 - Evil House YOGENDRA from PATNA,INDIA - January 20, 2011


7.6 - Cricket T20 World Championship VIKAS from Nandgram,Ghaziabad - November 28, 2010

8.8 - Evil House MANOJ from ROURKELA,INDIA - November 25, 2010

7.8 - Sigmore Mines ÁNTONIO from BRASIL - November 12, 2010

9.8 - 360 Speed DEO from kampala uganda - October 24, 2010


9 - Holy Wars MEGA from PANAMA - September 16, 2010

7.4 - Hangman DX DEEPU from COCHIN, INDIA - September 9, 2010

8.4 - Fighters Vithesh from COLOMBO,SRIKANKA - September 8, 2010

8 - Popstar P from PHILIPPINES - August 4, 2010

8 - "Scope" ANTONIUS from JAKARTA,INDONESIA - July 26, 2010


9.2 - Hot Gomoku Bikini ANJHELO - June 12, 2010

9 - IQ Vibration Do from MADAGASCAR - June 9, 2010

8.2 - Fear Of The Dark HAKANYOME from NAMIBIA - May 30, 2010


8.4 - PoliceStory CYRIL from LAGOS,NIGERIA - May 24, 2010


8 - Formula Extreme getulio from macapa - May 12, 2010

8.8 - "Foice" alberto919 from Pirayu paraguay - May 11, 2010

7 - Crazy Frog Racer RAMY from AHNa - March 21, 2010

6.4 - Killer Sudoku Renave from CEBU,PHILIPPINES - March 13, 2010

9.8 - IQ Geography Quiz Rowena from ANGELES PHILIPPINES - February 22, 2010

I just want to study.

9.8 - Formula Extreme gopal from india - February 22, 2010

nokia 2630

9.8 - Lubaja Frizha aulia putri from INDONESIA - February 6, 2010

7.8 - Word Search 2 SHERLY from PHIL - January 25, 2010

9 - Village Defender BOMCHE07 - November 13, 2009

9 - Crazy Frog Racer Henraj - October 28, 2009

8.6 - Ninja Fighter HOANG from Viet Nam - October 23, 2009

10 - Papaya LASSY from PRETORIA - October 16, 2009


9.6 - "Air Fightter v. 4" Masruri from BUTON,INDONESIA - September 14, 2009

6.8 - Solytare EDUARDO from UBERABA, BRASIL - July 7, 2009

6.2 - Final Lap SAM from DHAKA, BANGLADESH - July 4, 2009


9.4 - "Atlantika" gui from naviraí - June 30, 2009

6 - "Solitaire" EDUARDO from UBERABA, BRASIL - June 22, 2009

10 - Super Taxi Driver junior from cuiaba - June 13, 2009

9.2 - Papaya JEAN from FORT - May 9, 2009

9 - Tidbits Memory Salman khan from 25000 - April 28, 2009

6.8 - Asteroids EIMAD from LIBYA - April 4, 2009

6.6 - Its' Blackjack! EKKE from TARTU ESTONIA - March 24, 2009

5.8 - "Jamtris" NICOLA from PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - January 11, 2009

There are some programming errors. when i press pause i can't play on and i can't start a new game without exiting tetris completely.

9.2 - Tidbits Memory Aashis from KOLKATA,INDIA - December 12, 2008



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AceRiddler Set 2 [free]
AceRiddler Set 3 [free]
Aces Of The Luftwaffe 2 [trial]
AcesRaces [ads]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 1 [free]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 2 [free]
AceTrivia Arts-Lit 3 [free]
AceTrivia Science 1 [free]
AceTrivia Science 2 [free]
AceTrivia Science 3 [free]
AC Skipper [ads]
Addicted To Pool [ads]
Advanced Brain Trainer [ads]
Adventure of Ted [ads]
Adventure Of Ted 2 [ads]
Adventures Of Aggto [free]
Adventures Of Simba [ads]
AdventuresOfSimba2 [ads]
Age of Heroes Online [ads]
Age of Heroes Online [free]
Age of Japan [trial]
Air Race [ads]
AirRacing [ads]
Air Warrior [free]
Alberninho Football [ads]
Alien Ambush! [ads]
Alien Combat [ads]
AlienSafari [ads]
AlienSafari [ads]
Alien Slots and Bunny Slots [ads]
AllFours [free]
Allied Assault [ads]
Alvin and the Chipmunks [ads]
Aman's Rush Hour [ads]
Amazing Cowboy [free]
American Pie: Naked Run [ads]
Ana and Baby Cat [ads]
Angels and Demons [free]
Anger of the Evil Dragon [ads]
Animagi [free]
Animal pairs game [free]
Animals [ads]
AnimatedPuzzle [free]
Anina Fashion Trivia [free]
Ansar [trial]
Antarctic Challenge 3D [ads]
AOT 2 Reloaded [ads]
AquaClownFish [free]
Arcade Park 1 : 3 in 1 [trial]
Arcade Park 2 : 3 in 1 [trial]
Archive The EggS [ads]
Area 8: Free Survival Game [free]
Arhats [ads]
Army Assault [ads]
Artin2007 [free]
ASQUARE [free]
AssaultTeam3D [free]
Asteroids [free]
Asteroids [free]
AstroBuild [ads]
Astro Slots [free]
Attack Brain [ads]
Attack Breaker Pro [ads]
AutoManiacs [ads]
Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon [free]
Azi's Turbo Worm [free]


Macho Monkey [ads]
Mad Cow Martha [ads]
MadPet [ads]
MafiaDriverCT [ads]
MafiaDriverNY [ads]
Mafia Road Rumble [free] - New!
Magic Ball [ads]
Magic Carpet [ads]
Mahjong Mania! [free]
Make Square [trial]
Marble Solitaire [free]
Marine Fighter [ads]
MatchPoint Tennis [ads]
MatchstickWarriors [ads]
Matchstick Warriors [ads]
Matchstick Wars [ads]
Maze [ads]
MazePipe [free]
MCMartha 3 [ads]
Memory Checker [ads]
Memory game: Cities [free]
Memory Game: Fruits [free]
Mermaid Poker [free]
Metal Force [ads]
Metallic Wind [ads]
Microbial Attack [ads]
Milk [ads]
Million Dollar Car Race [free] - New!
MineField [free]
Minesweeper [ads]
Minesweeper [free]
Mine Sweeper Redux [ads]
Mini Games [free]
Mini Golf Challenge 99 Holes [ads]
Mission Cobra Strike [ads]
MissionDestruction [ads]
Misty Miles [ads]
MobiBrain [ads]
MobileBG [free]
Mobile Cobra Strike [ads]
Mobile Jokes 2 (A) [ads]
Mobile Jokes 3 [ads]
Mobile Jokes Midlet Suite [ads]
MobiPoker [ads]
MobRunner [free]
Mobtris [ads]
MolaSunfish [free]
Money [free]
MonkeyBusiness [ads]
Monkey Business [ads]
Monster Mash [ads]
MonsterPuzzle [ads]
Monsters Bubbles [ads]
Monster Stunts [ads]
Monster Truck 3D Racing [free] - New!
Monster Truck Driver [free] - New!
Monster Truck Speed Race [free] - New!
Moto Bike Race 3D [free] - New!
Motorcycle pairs game [free]
Mouse Trap [ads]
Mr Bean Racer 2 [ads]
Mr.Buckethead [ads]
MrHungry [free]
MrMole [ads]
Mr. Revolver [trial]
Mr. Steel's Pro Gym Workout [ads]
Mr Worm [ads]
M-Shift [free]
M-SuDoKu [free]
Mudik Driving [ads]
Murder of a Businessman [ads]
My Friend Ganesha [ads]
Myth Jungle [ads]


Sakurahlem [free]
SameColors [trial]
Sameness [free]
Santa Gift Pick [ads]
SantaInTrouble [ads]
Santa Pilot [ads]
Save The Army [free]
SeasonsSmiley [ads]
Secret of Maya [ads]
SGN SportsCard Baseball [ads]
SGN Sports Skiing [ads]
ShaoLinMonks_M2 [ads]
Shark Attack [ads]
Shoot The Dart [free]
Shoot The Terrorists [ads]
Shoot The UFO [free]
ShoppingMadness [ads]
ShowTime BasketBall [ads]
Sideralis [free]
Sigmore Mines [trial]
Sigmore Mines 2 [trial]
SimEtris [free]
Simon [free]
Sinfah's Lair [free]
Sk8 Krazy [ads]
SkankyBungee [ads]
SkateBoard [ads]
SkyCorsairs [trial]
Slam Dunk Pro [ads]
Slitherlink [ads]
SlotMachine [ads]
Slots [ads]
Smart Thief [ads]
SmiLines Winter Season [trial]
SMSTrainer [free]
Snake Evolution [free]
Snake Revolution [ads]
Sniper Shot [ads]
Snowboard [ads]
SocaTrivia [free]
Soccer Puzzle Revolution [ads]
Soldier 1945 [ads]
SoldierOfGlory [ads]
Solitaire [ads]
Solytare [free]
Song4Christmas [free]
Sort'em [ads]
Spaceball [ads]
Space Ballistics [free]
Space Cowboy [free]
Space Falcon Commander [ads]
Spaceman Sumo [ads]
Space Marines [ads]
Space Mission [ads] - New!
Spaceport [trial]
Space Shooter [free] - New!
Space Station Rescue [ads]
Spanish pairs memory game [free]
Special Forces [ads]
Speed Demon [ads]
SpeedExtreme [ads]
Spider Solitaire [ads]
Squarventure [trial]
Star Defence [ads]
Star Invasion [ads]
Star Rider [ads]
Stick Figure Fighter [ads]
Stolen in 60 sec [trial]
St. Patrick's slot machine [free]
Strange Craft [ads]
StreetMarbles [ads]
Street Skater [ads]
Street Soccer World Tour [ads]
Strike Force Cobra [ads]
Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks [ads]
StuntCat [ads]
Su-30 [trial]
SudoContest [ads]
Sudoku [free]
Sudoku [ads]
Sudoku_With_DrDimsum [free]
SuDoku World Cup [ads]
Sultry Nights [ads]
Summer Games 2008 [trial]
Sumo In The Garden Of Zen [ads]
Sun Valley [trial]
Super Hero Zero [ads]
SuperKake [ads]
Super Pool [ads]
Super Taxi Driver [ads]
Surf Rider [ads]
Survival [ads]
Swamp Raiders [ads]
Sweet Hearts [trial]
SweetImp [ads]


Zelda [beta]
Zig Zag Classic Race [free] - New!
Zippy Turtle [ads]
Zolitaire [ads]
ZombieAttack [ads]
Zombie Buster [ads]
Zombie Car Race [free] - New!
Zombie Crash Race [free] - New!
ZombieHunter [ads]
Zombie Quest [free]
Zum-Zum [trial]