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Top Ten Free Games for Java Phones - August 2007

September 1, 2007, Victoria, Canada: August's top ten totally free games for java-based mobile phones. The list is derived from actual world-wide customer game downloads from MobileRated, the leading free and legal mobile phone games download site.

The top 10 games are:

  1. Zelda Mobile Beta
  2. Taxi!
  3. Driving Mania
  4. Bomber
  5. 360 Speed
  6. Underground Racer
  7. myTetris
  8. Bikini Balls 2
  9. World Soccer
  10. Chess

Last month I estimated the top ten was due for a major shakeup. Zelda remains the king of the heap - again - and all in all my prediction was ill-founded, but we did have a few new movers and shakers. New racing game, Taxi!, jumps into the number two spot, surplanting Driving Mania as the best free car game for mobile phones. 360 Speed also jumps into the fray at number five, giving a total of 4 racing games in the top 10 (with Underground Racer the 4th, in 6th spot).

Generically named Chess hangs on in 10th place. Interestingly, another Chess challenger is in 12th place.. will we see two chess games in the top ten next month? I'd be much surprised, but I've been wrong before!

While the top ten remains difficult to crack, the number of changes in 11th through 50th is amazing. MobileRated is adding new games regularly and people are taking advantage of fantastic, free mobile phone games. Enjoy!

Fans of MobileRated rate games according to five measures of quality: gameplay, graphics, sound, features, and fun. These ratings aid users to select the games they wish to play. All the games in the top ten lists are well-rated, but are not necessarily the highest rated games. Breadth of handset support is also very important and plays a role in determining the top ten games. There are also regional differences, with certain games appealing only in certain markets. The MobileRated top ten list is generated from actual game downloads across all regions and markets.

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