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November's Top Ten Free Mobile Games

December 11, 2006, Victoria, Canada: MobileRated is pleased to announce its top ten free mobile games, as determined by number of downloads, from the month of November, 2006. All mobile phone games, also known as java midlets, j2me games, java games, and/or mobile games, are presented totally free to customers. Each game is legally free - MobileRated licenses and hosts phone games from 3rd party developers who wish their mobile games to be presented freely to customers. Demos, trials, limited time free subscriptions, and ad-supported games are acceptable and may be found along side open source, GNU copyrighted, and totally free mobile games (each type is clearly identified).

The games are:

  1. Jamtris
  2. M-SuDoKu
  3. Doom 3D
  4. 3D Attack Chopper
  5. vPoker
  6. Bomber
  7. Fighters
  8. Mobile Cobra Strike
  9. Dope Wars ZX
  10. 5ud0ku

Jamtris steals the top spot from M-SuDoKu this month, perhaps in part to competition from 5ud0ku - two sudoku games in the top ten!

New to the list in 3rd place is Doom 3D, a first person shooter inspired by the classic game. Doom 3D, as one reviewer said, plays more like Castle Wolfenstein 3D than Doom, but is an exciting game that taxes the horsepower of many mobile phone handsets.

Also new are vPoker, Bomber, Fighters, and Mobile Cobra Strike: respectively, a timeless casual game, a remake of a classic arcade game, a hard-core style head-to-head fighting game, and an action-style seek and destroy game.

Other games returning to the list include 3D Attack Chopper and Dope Wars ZX. Gamers are finding and playing a wide selection of styles of games at MobileRated, and no single type of game dominates the charts. Five games remained on the list from the previous month while 5 new mobile phone games showcased, indicating the mobile games marketplace remains healthy with plenty of choices for consumers.

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