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Game Reviews by Other Motorola L9 SLVR Owners

7 - SpyCamMobile Udhay from india - September 23, 2012

Iam not able to proceed after step 4, I don't see any thing
saying use this as monitor...plz help

7.6 - "Super Mario Planet" Subham Guha from Kolkata, India - October 27, 2010

It's really amazing and awesome.

7.8 - Alberninho Football Subham from Kolkata, India - October 23, 2010

This game is really amazing and awesome.

8.2 - Foice M from Teh iran - March 19, 2010

9.8 - BattleBlocks Sandi from Kolkata - October 26, 2009

Its really Excellent Game.
Just Download and Enjoy.

8 - "Bomber" Abhishek from Delhi - September 5, 2009


7.2 - Holy Wars Debrup from Kolkata,India - August 1, 2009

9.2 - "Fruit Match" Mvr from India - March 15, 2009

9.8 - "Air Fightter v. 4" ravi from d.dun - March 7, 2009


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