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Game Reviews by Other Motorola L7 SLVR Owners

8.2 - FishText Opeyemi from Lagos,Nigeria - June 1, 2010

Fish text is the best

8 - "Super Mario Planet" Ashok godara from Sirsa india - April 29, 2010

Thank you for your very good game

9.8 - "Super Mario Planet" Moussa from Burkina - December 29, 2009

8.2 - Easywords Shrikedar2007@gmail.com from India - December 18, 2009


8.6 - Easywords Jp kedar from India - December 17, 2009

Its works good

9.4 - 2009 Beach Ball Faraz from KArachi - December 17, 2009

Very nice game

10 - Tidbits Memory. Hot Guys kaustav@rediff.com from kharagpur - December 7, 2009

no comments its just superb..............

9 - "Air Fightter v. 4" Farish from India bombay - May 18, 2009

10 - Vipera Gerda from Stilfontein North West - April 24, 2009

Keep it up

8.2 - Zelda Earnest from STL, US - April 9, 2009

Okay, if you have a BB 8700 G, first thing you must do is go to the first house, immediately north when you first start, and get your sword. Then press space to use it. When you go to menu clicking the side scroll, you can see your options. When you get arrows, press q to shoot them. Man the game is fun when you find out how to play!

To pick up stuff, press space with your sword in hand and you will pick up stuff. You can also go to your options, press space over your bomb(or anything) and then hit Q to use it, telling you this game is fun!

8 - 3DTetris Fifi from Lakeworth - March 17, 2009

9.8 - Final Lap Siddhalngesh from India - March 8, 2009


6.2 - Zelda iRviNe from Philippines - February 1, 2009

i really like the game but when everytime i play it, after a few minutes my phone restarts.. can some1 help me with this?

8.8 - Lubaja Bhaskar from Bagalkot - January 26, 2009

Very good

8.6 - "3D Alpha Zone" Prad from India - January 6, 2009

7.8 - "2008 World Soccer" Rashid from Pakistan - December 22, 2008

6.2 - "Akkord" Motorola l7 from Patiala - December 20, 2008

Motorola l7

9.2 - "2008 World Soccer" Eric from Benin - November 2, 2008


6.8 - Zelda Tyler from USA!! - October 29, 2008

Fun, but the game crashes after a while.. :), love the game

6.2 - Easywords John from Obosi, Nigeria - October 14, 2008

6.4 - "3D Outrace" Mca from Texas - October 12, 2008

No sound action needs smoothing, needs tuning, could be good game mca55 moto v9m 10.20.08

8.6 - 3D Attack Chopper Ebin from Veraval - September 25, 2008

6.8 - "Cats in Love" Ajaya from Bhanjanagar, India - September 22, 2008


7.6 - Enemies Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 6, 2008

8 - Mobile Cobra Strike Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 6, 2008

7.2 - "Cats in Love" Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 5, 2008

7.6 - 3D Attack Chopper 2 Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 5, 2008

7.6 - Guard Our Country Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 5, 2008

7.2 - Anger of the Evil Dragon Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 5, 2008

6.8 - Zelda Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - September 5, 2008

7 - "3D Alpha Zone" Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - August 30, 2008

7.8 - "360 Fighter Pilot" Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - August 30, 2008

5.8 - "Opposite Lock" Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - August 30, 2008

6.2 - Fear Of The Dark Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - August 30, 2008

9 - Future Force Redux Nonan from Pakistan..!!;-) - August 30, 2008

7.6 - Archery Pinku from India; Jamshedpur - August 22, 2008

9.4 - "Air Fightter v. 4" Subhash from India - August 14, 2008

8.4 - Easywords Ismael from Parakou, benin - July 20, 2008

7 - Sudoku Lola from Nairobi,Kenya - July 19, 2008

Very relaxing.

6.6 - PoliceStory Rizwan from Jamshedpur - June 23, 2008


9 - "City Cop" Raj from Assam india - June 21, 2008


6.8 - Hangman DX Marquise from Zamboanga City, Philippines - June 7, 2008

More choices and more features

7.4 - "Monsterland" Nii from Ghana - May 21, 2008

7 - "360 Fighter Pilot" Joe from Lebanon - April 12, 2008

8.8 - Tidbits Memory. Hot Guys Gary from Philippines - April 1, 2008

8.8 - "Rocky: Legacy" TSHAWE - March 27, 2008

Game is One Of the best

9.2 - "Condetsoft Pool" Mellvee - March 26, 2008

6.8 - "1805: French Empire" Rico from Senegal - March 17, 2008

7.4 - "4x4 Extreme Rally 2006" Joe from Lebanon middle east - February 17, 2008

9.8 - 5ud0ku Aminou from Bénin - February 8, 2008


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