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Provided By: PhonPhun
Category: Puzzle, Strategy
Platform: Java
Downloads: 46,824

M-Shift is a challenging number puzzle for mobile phones, distributed for free under GPL v2 license!

Your goal is to move the numbers in the grid in order to put them back in the correct sequence - but beware! only part of the numbers can be moved (the ones marked with an arrow), and each of them can be moved in one predetermined direction only (the direction shown by the arrow).

Detailed game instructions and source code download are available in M-Shift homepage.

M-Shift features include:

  • Unlimited number of puzzles;
  • Automatic language selection (currently supported: English and Italian);
  • Three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Difficult);
  • Two grid sizes (3x3 and 4x4);
  • Automatic saving of game state upon exit;
  • Easy customization of many game features (translations, graphics&appearance, grid size) - a detailed guide is coming soon...

If you wish, now you can make a donation through PayPal to support PhonPhun and M-Shift - please refer to the web site above or use the button below:

User Reviews of M-Shift

2.6 - June 22, 2012 - Amber from Fort collins, colorado using Samsung SGH-T749
There were no instructions so couldnt figure out how to play. will be deleting this game from my downloads

3.6 - August 10, 2009 - Bogus Boowho from USA using Samsung SGH-A777
We're not mind readers! Please provide a help section. Thanks.

7.6 - May 4, 2008 - Feirce from Uk using Samsung SGH-D600

7.8 - January 30, 2008 - psiberman from Tampa, Fl, USA using Samsung SPH-M500
It disturbs me greatly to admit this, and be that as it may, my "review" of July last year was so totally wrong. discovering the point to this challenging puzzle was actually half the fun. I didn't understand the references to the game that inspired it. My ignorance was showing, and I didn't like it showing. This game has grown on me and hardly a day goes by when I'm not playing it for a little while, at least. It is stimulating and challenging on many levels. It probably stretches my tired old brain. I apologize to the author and really regret my premature and unflattering words. Goes to show me that if I take the time to understand something, I might find that I like it. Maybe others will as well.

5.2 - July 29, 2007 - pSiberman from Tampa, FL, USA using Samsung SPH-A920
This game offers no clue as to objective or goal. And there's no help to be found. While a little intuition leads to some game action, the action seems pointless.

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