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Game Reviews by Other LG KP570Q Owners

10 - Fat Effect hernan from uruguay - May 5, 2013

9 - Bluevibe sunildad from venezuela - February 24, 2012

9.4 - Football P2W roman from san antonio - July 6, 2011

9.2 - Opera Mini jose lu - June 17, 2011

9.8 - "Snaptu- Facebook, Twitter, more!" pexoxa from merida - January 20, 2011

9 - Bluevibe carlos from queretaro - October 28, 2010


9.4 - Super Mario Planet yare from chile - October 26, 2010

9 - Bluevibe nallely from 5540930773 - August 7, 2010

9.6 - FunnyFace rodrigo - August 7, 2010

8.2 - Super Mario Planet katia from alamo - August 5, 2010

8.4 - IQ Piano Chords v2 alexis - August 4, 2010

9.6 - KD Player francisco barria from chile - April 16, 2010

9.4 - Zelda emanuel from santiago - March 7, 2010

esta muy bueno el juego gracias
byee :)

9.6 - Super Mario Planet carlos oporta from boaco, nicaragua - February 28, 2010


8 - Super Mario Planet GUSTAVO from Guanajuato - February 20, 2010


7.8 - "Abiro ColorSampler" edgard from 0142435 - January 19, 2010

muy bueno

8 - DenchiBots natali from monterrey - November 26, 2009

9.4 - Super Mario Planet hector from monterrey - November 17, 2009

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SantaInTrouble [ads]
Save The Army [free]
SGN SportsCard Baseball [ads]
SGN Sports Skiing [ads]
Shaktiman Run [free]
Shark Attack [ads]
Ship Race 2 [ads]
Shoot The Crackers [free]
Shoot The Dart [free]
Shoot The UFO [free]
Sideralis [free]
Sigmore Mines [trial]
Sigmore Mines 2 [trial]
SimEtris [free]
Simon [free]
Sinfah's Lair [free]
SkateBoard [ads]
Skaters Boy [free]
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Slots [ads]
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SolitaireChess [ads]
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Sudoku [free]
Sudoku [ads]
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