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Game Reviews by Other LG KP502 Owners

10 - Chess Champion Sifiso from Bulawayo Zimbabwe - August 5, 2012


10 - 3D Chess SIFISO from Bulawayo Zimbabwe - August 5, 2012

I Like it

7.6 - Poker MARIO from IMOTSKI, HRVATSKA - November 20, 2011

8.2 - X-Ray Scanner MIRJANA from SRBIJA - August 18, 2011


10 - X-Ray Scanner LAMINE - January 20, 2011

6.8 - Farm Frenzy ERDEI from Carei, romania - October 19, 2010

9.6 - Farm Frenzy tena from zagorje croatia - September 28, 2010


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Jewel Spin [trial]
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qHangman [free]
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XmasZumax [ads]


Yumsters [trial]


Zelda [beta]
Zombie Quest [free] - New!
Zombies N' Guns [free]
Zombies N Guns Halloween [ads]
Zum-Zum [trial]