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Provided By: playingwithcode
Category: Action
Platform: Java
Downloads: 274,415

Rating: 7.0

Once upon a time in the age of monsters and spells there lived a young boy, Sam, who inspired to be the greatest knight of all time. But first he must travel and survive the path of ruins to become a knight. Help Sam in his journey of becoming a Knight.

The player finds themselves in the role of Sam where they must battle their way through anything that stands in his way.

Game features

* Two worlds
* 8 levels
* 4 types of baddies
* Addictive fun

User Reviews of Knights

8 - June 19, 2012 - Van from Dublin usa using Samsung SGH-T401g

8.2 - June 9, 2012 - Jon from Dublin usa using Samsung SGH-T401g

2.8 - May 29, 2012 - Paulie from Louisville, US using RIM BlackBerry 9330
Pretty bad game. Very boring side-scroller. Screen was cut, also.

6.4 - June 30, 2011 - Richard from Rochester NY using LG LG500g
Good game, only a couple grievances. Primarily being on the LG 500G, the screen is half cut off, and the Health Bar does not show.
Getting close to enemies is hard, as they seem to have a longer range and can hit you before you hit them.
Other than that, it's well constructed and designed.

7 - December 11, 2009 - jack from windsor usa using RIM BlackBerry 8900 Curve

7.8 - November 3, 2009 - Nilesh from Patna,indina using Samsung SGH-L700

9.6 - October 28, 2009 - akhtar from pune using Nokia 5130c

9 - March 14, 2009 - rabi from uae , dubai using Nokia E71

5.6 - October 17, 2008 - j from milton fl using Samsung SPH-M620 Upstage
This is the only game thus far that i have seen work on my phone thus far however the game wasn't designed for the touch pad on my phone and makes game play very difficult to play.

7 - September 30, 2008 - AFTAB from NEW DELHI INDIA using Nokia N72

5.8 - September 30, 2008 - Mca from Texas using HTC TyTN
KNIGHTS is a lot like a young kids, or Grandpa game, nice clean graphics, lots of color. Try Dynamo kid after Knights.

9.8 - November 20, 2007 - Zankhna from Mumbai using Motorola Z3 RIZR

7.2 - October 17, 2007 - great from turkey using Nokia 6300

5 - October 5, 2007 - Chris using Sagem my800x
Not a good one here. No excitement, no nothing.....I didn't like this one. Little Blue is better imo, unluckily it isn't out for the Sagem my800x :p

5.4 - March 17, 2007 - Adam from London, Canada using Samsung SPH-A920
Standard platformer, only runs slower.

Graphics are nice and colorful, but there is a framerate display in the corner all the time, reminding me that I am only getting 8 fps. This game runs slow. If it ran at maybe 2x the framerate, the speeds would probably seem right.

There are glitches in the graphics on my phone, where anything that hits my or I pick up turns into a white square. Also, the hit detection while walking is a bit wacky, and I could grab a gold coin because my player couldn't get close enough to it, even though it was right beside me with a wall on the other side(not between).

My phone is quite capable, and should be able to achieve a playable framerate on this kind of game. I hope a faster version comes out to try later.

8 - January 30, 2007 - axel from mexico using SonyEricsson W600i

6.6 - November 2, 2006 - fsd using Samsung SGH-D606

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