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Jewel Spin

Provided By: HeroCraft
Category: Arcade, Puzzle
Platform: Java
Downloads: 207,627

“New pieces fall down from the top of the screen”, is it Tetris you cry? “Various different colours that you should match”, Lines then? “Place three of them in a line and they’ll disappear”, Bejeweled? “To move a ball you must rotate groups of pieces”. Yes, this is Jewel Spin! This captivating puzzle will please all who are bored of playing the other games in this genre as well as fans of fresh and unique games.
Jewel Spin’s 4 game modes offer a variety of game types. In “Arcade” you must work quickly or you’ll be covered by a heap of multicolored balls; every new level will force you to move faster and rotate rapidly. In “Puzzle” mode you must clear the screen in a limited number of moves, so you are able to plan your actions without any time constraints. “Custom game” is a balanced combination of both strategy and action. “Free play” gives you a chance to relax and play as long as you wish. 3 levels of difficulty will challenge players of all abilities. Jewel Spin also has a variety of mystery pictures to discover by completing its levels.

Game features:
- 4 game modes
- over 100 levels
- 3 difficulty levels
- a collection of mysterious pictures for your gallery

User Reviews of Jewel Spin

10 - February 11, 2013 - JOSE using LG GR500

8.8 - October 30, 2012 - PRISCILLA from NEW ZEALAND using Nokia 2330 Classic

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