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Game Reviews by Other Huawei G6600 Owners

10 - PaniniUrdu3.3 muhammad asim from islamabad - March 19, 2013

used to urdu language

8.6 - Zelda holza from nz - September 29, 2011

relly relly awesome game, luv playin it hi 2 every1 dat reads tis i luv u! Lol

8.8 - Lordmancer jeffrey from Wellington - June 25, 2011


10 - "IQ Friend Finder" noredine anaimi from tanger - January 24, 2011


8.4 - X-Ray Scanner fer from Valencia - November 10, 2010

9 - Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon jorge from ecuador - October 26, 2010

7 - Bluetooth Messenger gito prasetio from indonesia - May 29, 2010

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