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Game Reviews by Other HTC Touch HD Owners

6.6 - "IQ Crying Phone" gary from colds - October 16, 2009

8.4 - "Zelda" stuart from uk - September 6, 2009

5.8 - "Trippo(tm) - Translation Tool" bri - August 5, 2009

7.6 - "MagicCube" akis - July 7, 2009

8.6 - "Zelda" mike from montreal - May 2, 2009

i just started playing this game and it's alot of fun but i'm using a HTC touch i don't get any sounds too bad the sounds are usualy so great in Zelda games and i believe i only have the B button wich is the button on the middle of my directional pad to use the sword but not the A button all other buttons still have their usual function if anyone has tips for those 2 minor problems let me know i can't wait for the full version

7 - "Zelda" Tabitha from Carson, United States - April 4, 2009

Game is a lot of fun, but I have an Htc Touch and for some reason I can't purchase bombs or arrows. Can someone give me some advice?

7 - 5ud0ku hany from egypt - March 25, 2009

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