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Provided By: Inlogic Software
Category: Card
Platform: Java
Downloads: 32,385

"Hearts" is a card game based on tricks where the player aims to end up with the lowest number of cards and the lowest number of points. Tricks are groups of cards laid by players in individual rounds. You achieve points when you play trick containing hearts or the queen of spades. The game of Hearts is played by four players and when a player achieves more than 100 points, the player with the lowest score at that moment is the winner.

You can send your score and compare it with other players on the web site www.playonway.com. The score can be sent by pressing the appropriate function button on the screen Top Score. For sending score it is obvious for each player to put his own password and the system PlayOnWay will create a new account or will use already existing account of the player. If you press the button SYNCHRONIZE updated top score will be saved to your phone and your position will be shown in the Score Table. You can edit your player profile on the web site www.playonway.com. For logging use your name from the Score Table and password you used for sending your score.

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