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Most phones are listed by manufacturer, but some are by carrier (e.g. Cingular 8125).

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Amoi 6829
Amoi 8507
Amoi 8512
Amoi 8709
Amoi 8710
Amoi 9109
Amoi 9201
Amoi A211
Amoi A3
Amoi A310
Amoi A320
Amoi A500
Amoi A510
Amoi A636
     Amoi A675
Amoi A865
Amoi Berlin
Amoi BV1000
Amoi D85
Amoi D89
Amoi E5
Amoi E606
Amoi E70
Amoi E78
Amoi E850
Amoi F8
Amoi F90
Amoi H9
     Amoi Levis
Amoi Levis- the original 3G
Amoi M300
Amoi M330
Amoi M515
Amoi M535
Amoi M6
Amoi M610
Amoi M636
Amoi M650
Amoi M66
Amoi M68
Amoi M690
Amoi Momo Design MD1
     Amoi MomoDesign MD Cube
Amoi N3
Amoi N50
Amoi N5000
Amoi N6
Amoi N810
Amoi NewYork
Amoi V600
Amoi V810
Amoi V870
Amoi WP-S1

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Or even better, point your device's WAP browser to mobilerated.com/wap and we'll auto-detect it.

Not sure what model you have? Check our support page for some tips.

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