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Flower Combo

Provided By: SoulBiz Entertainment
Category: Puzzle
Platform: Java
Downloads: 13,209

Match the falling flowers - 3 in a row or column - before they reach the top. Flowers fall in groups of 3 - sort the order and move the column correctly and make them disappear. Combines the skills of tetris and bejeweled. Use the super blossom and super combo to clear a larger area of flowers. Simple to learn yet addictively fun! Arrange and stack every type of flowers and be rewarded with new flower types. Clear up the 10 types of flowers and make your celebrations complete. The longer you win, the harder the game becomes. Not only does the game speed up, but new obstructions will make combining flowers all the more difficult. This engaging free java mobile phone game can be downloaded directly to your phone. Enjoy playing Flower Combo! Other free Tetris games for mobile phones.

User Reviews of Flower Combo

7 - December 31, 2009 - siva from chennai using Nokia 6620

9.8 - February 6, 2007 - GLORIA from CORPUSCHRISTITX using LG CU500
I had a lot of fun.

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