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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Games - Strategy - Page 22

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Airport Mania

Full Version

Pack your bags for an exciting trip as you take to the skies and journey from airport to airport helping customers along the way.

Uploaded: March 27, 2013


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Mechanical War

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Shooting games are the most popular ones among mobile games. Adventure of shooting games makes players fell stimulating, the unexpected situation exercise players' emergent response capabilities.

Uploaded: December 21, 2008


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Flummox is a Mysterious puzzle filled with flummoxious-excitement . A totem kingdom has challenged the great warriors from across the world to untangle the Bloxx mystery which has 30 Stages & 10 Objectives that get tougher at each Stage.You may be a great warrior but to solve this one, you have to b ...

Uploaded: May 16, 2013


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Beauty Center

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In Beauty Center, manage the teams in your beauty parlour efficiently, operate your equipment skilfully and use your artistic talents to create the most fashionable and exclusive place in town!

Uploaded: December 15, 2008


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Soap-Bubble Minesweeper

Free Beta Version

This is the same minesweeper game, but with moving and shooting. Use the arrow keys to move. Fire key to open the squares. When eat pill, shooting automatically.

Uploaded: November 19, 2009


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About 1 thousand years ago, the current political situation varies violently. Bruce Lee was an orphan. He never knew who his parents were. When he was a child, a Taoist brought him up. In Tian Mountain, He was taught swordsmanship. When he grows up, his swordsmanship is more skillful and he came ...

Uploaded: March 18, 2008


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Penguin Fever

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Inuk is a young Eskimo whose curiosity gets him in trouble, and it is up to you and your penguin friends to help him out! Use your wits, skill and penguins to help Inuk find his way home!

Uploaded: October 14, 2008


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Chocolate Shop Frenzy

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Run your own chocolate shop! Get up to 42 levels and even a match-3 mini-game! Up to 42 levels of choc shop fun

Uploaded: November 1, 2010


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Play the classic board game on your mobile phone!! For years together people around the world have enjoyed playing backgammon. Now experience this thrilling board game on your mobile phone. This is a brain game for anyone who loves to solve puzzles and make strategies. Every game will be a thrilling ...

Uploaded: June 22, 2012


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Famous Places

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Have you ever wanted to travel all around the world and solve mysteries. Now you can do both wherever you are with "Famous Places". The game gives you the chance to visit the famous locations from all over the world.

Uploaded: June 13, 2013


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