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Space Odyssey

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Space Odyssey is an entertaining Sci-Fi puzzle game for your mobile phone that takes you to the exciting world of interplanetary aviation. Guide your space ship safely to their target coordinates with a given array of direction signs and unlock more stages on your challenging journey.

Uploaded: January 12, 2010


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The story is dated back to the well-known stability among the three parties when the eighteen seigneurs’ intended to rule the world on their own. This line of mobile games contains a facile speed representation, the fast switch and the delicate character sculpture. Also, the menu has a taste of th ...

Uploaded: July 22, 2008


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Move It

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Move It is easy to play, very addictive and very fast logic game. You have to group coloured bricks to get most effective explosions.

Uploaded: January 15, 2013


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Mechanical War

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Shooting games are the most popular ones among mobile games. Adventure of shooting games makes players fell stimulating, the unexpected situation exercise players' emergent response capabilities.

Uploaded: December 21, 2008


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Totem Master

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During the game, there are boxes with animal faces on them, and they are sliding from top to down. The aim is putting the same boxes animals in a proper sequence.

Uploaded: June 13, 2013


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Lord Jigsaw Puzzle

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Play the ALL TIME FAVOURITE JIGSAW puzzle with lord of life, accept the challenge and arrange them in minimum duration of time. Enjoy three different dilemma level with 9 different images of lords. Get the blessings of lords of various religion. Download now and prove your faith towards them.

Uploaded: May 30, 2012


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Legends and sagas are immortal but those who remember them die. When the time will come, and monsters will rise from darkness one push will be enough to make heavens fall on earth, and seas to boil, and there will be no one who would remember at least one legend. About the last hero, who'll carry t ...

Uploaded: July 29, 2011


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ColorSticks is a nice mixture between Tetris and Color Lines. This version uses vectorial graphics to optimize the image on different display resolutions. The aim of the game is to create a line of, at least, three bricks of the same color, which will disappear letting drop the ones above. Sticks, m ...

Uploaded: January 23, 2010


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M-Shift is a challenging number puzzle for mobile phones, distributed for free under GPL v2 license!

Uploaded: July 16, 2007


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Play Tic Tac Toe (aka connect 4) for FREE with a computer or with a real opponent. You can play multiplayer, chat, send messages, score and much more. Join the community now.

Uploaded: July 28, 2007


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