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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Games - Strategy - Page 18

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A game that test brain recognizing object ability. The goal is to clear all matching icons by connecting them with an eligible path.

Uploaded: November 16, 2009


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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

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In Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, not only can you flip, grab and grind your way to the top, but you can also choose the way your characters career will evolve. Try to master crazy tricks, play Horse Mode to challenge friends in wacky insult contests and use your points to adjust your skaters skills an ...

Uploaded: July 27, 2009


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Twes Crosswords Lite

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Fill out this exciting series of crossword puzzles from Twes Crosswords.

Uploaded: April 2, 2013


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Far and away, in the times of glorious naval voyages and discoveries, Felix the Devil meets the dangerous master of hells – Lucifer again. Lucifer puts Felix into another prison, this time on an island known as the Island Kradan unknown to anybody else but pirates! Help him escape!

Uploaded: September 18, 2010


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SimEtris is another clone of Tetris. This version uses vectorial graphics to optimize the image on different display resolutions. The goal of the game is to create complete horizontal lines of blocks, which will disappear. The blocks come in 7 different character shapes: I (red), T (gray), O (light ...

Uploaded: January 23, 2010


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A simple classic IQ game playing on a board. You and your opponent can place three stones one by one on a board,then start moving your stones from one point to another. Make a straight line with your stones before your opponent can do so.

Uploaded: May 19, 2012


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Garfield 2

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Garfield 2: Royal Adventure is an action adventure game that follows the most important events of the second Garfield movie. Garfield has to overcome several obstacles to finally help defeat the nefarious Lord Dargis, experiencing events from the movie from a unique hands-on perspective.

Uploaded: September 1, 2009


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BlackJack Masters

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Do you like hazard, casinos, cards? Play Blackjack, one of the most popular casino games, in the game "Blackjack Master".

Uploaded: March 19, 2010


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Tower Wars

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Tower Wars-Time Guardian: Strategy games now become accessible to the most casual audience. Choose the appropriate strategy and build your towers to stop the unrelenting waves of enemies.

Uploaded: November 10, 2008


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Farm Attack

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We all love Farm Animals, don’t we! ‘Farm Attack’ is a fun filling application which brings these adorable animals to your phone and will help you play a prank, on your friends and family. Featuring over 10 different farm pets and the most annoying sounds they can ever make to leave people around yo ...

Uploaded: September 24, 2010


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