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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Games - Strategy - Page 17

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Easter Nightmare

Full Version

They’re cute! They’re adorable! And they’re having enough of it all! Your mission is to help lots and lots of Rabbits kill themselves. To complete a level, you need to guide all Rabbits to a fatal death trap, so they can successfully commit suicide.

Uploaded: November 27, 2012


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Mouse Trap

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Our hero reached his right age, and like all of his kind, he decides to find a good a fiancee and marries her. But first of all, he must first find himself a fine clothing and organize his life. And of course, get a golden wedding ring.

Uploaded: June 12, 2013


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Uni (Galaxy At War) 2

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In a battle for control over Uni (a small but vital portion of a galaxy), 4 factions: TIAN, IZM, SLIM, and EUW, fight in a war full of manipulation, betrayal, and destruction. Choose a faction and move up the ranks to become a General and cease control!

Uploaded: July 24, 2009


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Block Blitz

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What if a colorful game is mixed with puzzling levels? Sounds interesting, isn't it? Hundreds of blocks are stacked in your mobile screen, match the blocks of same color and get rewarded with points.

Uploaded: September 7, 2013


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Full Version

SimEtris is another clone of Tetris. This version uses vectorial graphics to optimize the image on different display resolutions. The goal of the game is to create complete horizontal lines of blocks, which will disappear. The blocks come in 7 different character shapes: I (red), T (gray), O (light ...

Uploaded: January 23, 2010


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Lord Jigsaw Puzzle

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Play the ALL TIME FAVOURITE JIGSAW puzzle with lord of life, accept the challenge and arrange them in minimum duration of time. Enjoy three different dilemma level with 9 different images of lords. Get the blessings of lords of various religion. Download now and prove your faith towards them.

Uploaded: May 30, 2012


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Far and away, in the times of glorious naval voyages and discoveries, Felix the Devil meets the dangerous master of hells – Lucifer again. Lucifer puts Felix into another prison, this time on an island known as the Island Kradan unknown to anybody else but pirates! Help him escape!

Uploaded: September 18, 2010


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Belote is a popular 32-card trick-taking game played in France.

Uploaded: July 8, 2007


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Get hooked to the fun way for rapid fire question answer. Quiz Conquest with a set of 135 questionnaires across 14 different categories.

Uploaded: September 23, 2013


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Monster Land

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Let’s play ‘Monster Land’, an addictive and very entertaining game.

Uploaded: February 16, 2014


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