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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Games - Strategy - Page 14

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Try Gomoku, one of the most popular strategic games for 2 players. Prove how brainy you are and win in different difficulty levels.

Uploaded: June 8, 2011


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Nightclub Fever

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Run the hottest clubs in up to 6 top party cities across the globe! Run the ultimate clubs in up to 6 hot party cities – including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo & more! Choose the right DJ, design & ambience to draw a top crowd! Host up to 50 events – set the action flowing right & watch the money f ...

Uploaded: October 16, 2010


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Cherish this XMas with Santa's ADVENTURE. Let Santa Perform actions and help him to reach to four XMas Trees to win.

Uploaded: December 16, 2013


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Move It

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Move It is easy to play, very addictive and very fast logic game. You have to group coloured bricks to get most effective explosions.

Uploaded: January 15, 2013


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Bubble Boom For You.

Uploaded: October 18, 2013


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Star Defence

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It is the year 2107. The Earth has been disturbed by a war between the alliances WGi and DCa for decades. As a commandant you have to protect the station NCX87 at any costs. Losing it, it would mean the end of the WGi!

Uploaded: March 19, 2010


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The Dolphin Stunt

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Help Dolly dolphin to perform amazing stunts underwater and to score as many points as possible in limited time.

Uploaded: August 19, 2013


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Sigmore Mines 2

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Sigmore Mines 2 is a graphical roguelike for mobile phones. You are in control of hero descending into the dungeon to complete his quest. On your way will stand monsters with poisonous attacks, traps and hidden rooms. Along the way you will gain experience, became stronger and find new magical weapo ...

Uploaded: January 7, 2009


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Garfield 2

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Garfield 2: Royal Adventure is an action adventure game that follows the most important events of the second Garfield movie. Garfield has to overcome several obstacles to finally help defeat the nefarious Lord Dargis, experiencing events from the movie from a unique hands-on perspective.

Uploaded: September 1, 2009


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Soccer Free Kick

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Are you a die-hard fan of soccer? Beat the opponent teams while playing from your favorite team.Become a hero of your team by scoring penalty goals, and beat the other teams!

Uploaded: December 11, 2010


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