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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Games - Strategy - Page 14

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Get at least 5 blocks in a row! The objective of the game is to move blocks from cell to cell to form lines (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). Key features: * Three difficulty levels * Unlimited number of generated puzzles * Undo movement is supported * High score is saved Pla ...

Uploaded: February 1, 2009


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Try Gomoku, one of the most popular strategic games for 2 players. Prove how brainy you are and win in different difficulty levels.

Uploaded: June 8, 2011


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Slide To Survive

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"The best physics puzzle game available on Store. Use your puzzling skills to reach to key within given time. Move the crab to reach there. Many of the hurdles are there to stop you from getting the Key. You have to make strategic move to reach there within given time.

Uploaded: February 12, 2015


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Image Stripper Nature 1

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Refresh your mind and calm your soul with panoramic nature. And it's all in your mobile!

Uploaded: April 27, 2011


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Sigmore Mines 2

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Sigmore Mines 2 is a graphical roguelike for mobile phones. You are in control of hero descending into the dungeon to complete his quest. On your way will stand monsters with poisonous attacks, traps and hidden rooms. Along the way you will gain experience, became stronger and find new magical weapo ...

Uploaded: January 7, 2009


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Farm Attack

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We all love Farm Animals, don’t we! ‘Farm Attack’ is a fun filling application which brings these adorable animals to your phone and will help you play a prank, on your friends and family. Featuring over 10 different farm pets and the most annoying sounds they can ever make to leave people around yo ...

Uploaded: September 24, 2010


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Cat Basket

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Play the best addictive traditional strategy game Cat Basket. Help the cutest cat of the world to reach safely on the ground.

Uploaded: October 4, 2013


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3D Gravity 360

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Burst bubbles and make your way through the 15 levels of this surprising 3D puzzle game.

Uploaded: April 19, 2013


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Twes Crosswords Lite

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Fill out this exciting series of crossword puzzles from Twes Crosswords.

Uploaded: April 2, 2013


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Ant Crusher

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Enjoy ‘Ant Crusher’, a never ending tap, fun with addictive graphics!

Uploaded: February 16, 2014


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