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Marble Solitaire

Full Version

The board consists of 33 squares in the form of a cross. On each square, apart from the centre, is a little ball. The centre square is empty. At each turn youR goal is to jump over a marble onto an empty square. Each time you do so the ball will be removed from the board. Your task is to jump over ...

Uploaded: January 15, 2013


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Tattoo Tycoon

Full Version

Start your own tattoo studio and acquire the arts that get under the skin! Create your own style and expand your studio to become the greatest one in town!

Uploaded: May 11, 2011


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Ultimate Tabla

Free Ad-supported

Indian carnatic music has enticed the whole world. Be a Tabla expert by yourself. Play the Tabla taals the way you want it, or just tap the numbers shown to create a new rhythm!

Uploaded: March 13, 2013


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Dr Bus Driving

Full Version

In ""Dr Bus Driving"",every thing has been provided as a pack. move the car left and right using the navigation arrows provided on the screen.

Uploaded: January 29, 2015


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Full Version

The moral victory of the "Super Orio" inspires us to launch "Super Orio 2"!!!

Uploaded: December 17, 2013


mobile app

Full Version

Military game with elements of arcade strategy, variation on "Tower Defense" theme, brought to you by producers of "Tankzors" and "Tankzors Pro".

Uploaded: February 3, 2011


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Townsmen 4

Full Version

Power to the brotherhood! Lead the monks into the fight against unholy settlers before evil spreads! Long live the brotherhood! Lead your medieval monastery to earthly power and convert a plethora of lost souls – to preserve the good at all costs!

Uploaded: May 27, 2012


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Rail Track 2

Full Version

You are on Bike and have to run on the track. You can jump from one track to another with Bike. Here you have to collect stars to increase your score. As much you will collect them your score as well as speed will also increase.

Uploaded: February 25, 2015


mobile app

Full Version

Are you a good logical thinker? Do you like making combinations? Can you create formulas for chemical compounds such as water, crystal, ethylene or methanol? Put together molecules of split formulas within the time limit and in the lowest number of moves possible. Use this method to gain points and ...

Uploaded: October 15, 2012


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Sigmore Mines 2

Free Trial/Demo

Sigmore Mines 2 is a graphical roguelike for mobile phones. You are in control of hero descending into the dungeon to complete his quest. On your way will stand monsters with poisonous attacks, traps and hidden rooms. Along the way you will gain experience, became stronger and find new magical weapo ...

Uploaded: January 7, 2009


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