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Dark Engines

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Dark Engines is a racing event that takes place in an apocalyptic future. Crazy drivers prepare "old" cars so they can reach incredible speeds disregarding any safety measure. Therefore, danger is always present. You must do what you can to beat your opponents on track and, at the end, you will race ...

Uploaded: May 10, 2010


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Kampung Racer

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*This game is entirely for entertainment purposes. Ozura Pte Ltd does not in any way promote unsafe driving and shall not be held liable for reckless driving or accidents that may occur as a result of playing of this game. Users are to play at their own discretion.

Uploaded: January 3, 2007


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Desert Rider

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In a world without laws, only the strong survive. On Vontara, a lawless place which outlaws call home, every fight is settled on the road. It is a world where chaos and violence rule supreme. It is the future, where civilizations become deserts and roads become dueling grounds. With outlaws and ...

Uploaded: December 28, 2006


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Underground Racer

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The tracks are hot and ready for speed. Start your engines and gear up for the most exciting ride ever in the history of underground racing! With five challenging tracks and two game modes, now is the time to claim the title of speed demon in the underground racing scene. The tracks are laid out an ...

Uploaded: December 18, 2006


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